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American Animal Control® LLC provides professional Snake removal, snake trapping, and snake control for most cities. Most of our customers call complaining of sitings of snakes in the yard, snakes in the crawlspace, and snakes in their basement. One time we received a call from a customer who said they got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and was sitting on the toilet and said they felt something move behind them. When they stood up to look what it was they were shocked to see a 3 foot snake was between the seat and the toilet tank. As you can imagine, being half asleep this lady was in shock and began to scream frantically. Waking her husband and the children in the house.  Our American Animal Control® LLC service technician was quick to respond and catch and remove the snake. The next morning we received another call from the same customer who had walked into the same bathroom to find another snake lying on the floor. We advised the home owner it was necessary to perform a snake entry inspection to locate where and how the snakes were entering the home and set up traps to trap and remove any additional snakes the may be in the home.

Snake Removal Service

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As wildlife removal specialist we are called to remove many types and species of animals, snakes, bats, and birds. Snake removal is one of the services that we provide that most other pest control companies do not offer. Removal of snakes, most of the time, is not just a grab and go service. If you have snakes in your house, snakes in your crawlspace, or snakes in your basement, there may be more than one snake living in your house. Snake trapping may be need to eliminate all the snakes in the house.

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American Animal Control® LLC traps and removes many snakes. We trap snakes in basements, snakes in the crawlspace, and even snakes in the attic. When snakes get into homes there are many little "nooks and crannies" they can hide in. Just a visual inspection for snakes does not assure that all the snakes in your house are gone. Snakes traps should always be set as an assurance that there is not more snakes present. There are many different snake traps and snake trapping methods. Each situation may require a different type of trap or snake trapping technique. Most snakes will find areas in the basement, crawlspace, or attic that is warm and damp. Snakes will hibernate in the winter months and will re-emerge in the spring as temperatures begin to maintain over 50° is most areas. When our wildlife removal specialist set up traps to trap and remove snakes the key is location. Areas of the homes where snakes gravitate to most frequently are very important to find. Many times we will find snake skins that are shed by snakes in crawlspaces, basements, and even in attics. Locating snake skins are good indication that a there is a snake in the area. Snakes like to eat mice, rats, frogs, and many types of insects. We may even find snake droppings in areas where snakes dens are close by. Once the snakes are trapped and removed it is very important to find the snake entry points.

Snake Removal, Control, and Prevention

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American Animal Control® LLC wildlife removal service technicians are highly trained and experienced in locating snake entry points. This is the most important part of the procedure in  solving a snake control problem. Once we were called to a home by a insurance company to perform a snake entry inspection. The insurance company had told us that their client was finding snakes in their walls, snakes in their crawlspace, and snakes on the floor. Our service technician arrived to perform the snake entry inspection to find not only did the customer have snakes, but also shrews, mice, and sometimes rats. This is not uncommon. Snakes have a very good sense of smell. Snakes will follow mice, shrews, voles, and rats into a home. Many times when we locate snake entry points we will also find highways for other pest. This homeowner had many snake and pest entry and access points. The siding and sub-siding had pulled away from the bottom sill plate a long the foundation leaving many construction gaps that allowed for snakes to enter the home. Once inside the home snakes and other pest can pretty much go wherever they want. Locating and repairing these snake/pest entry points is the key to success when trying stop snakes from getting into the house. Outside corners inside corners are also key to stopping snakes.

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Snakes will follow mice up the outside and inside corners of vinyl sided homes. We offer a special cap that fits most outside corners that will stop snakes and mice from getting in. Foundation vents, foundation gaps, and foundation cracks can also allow for snake entry. In order to control and or stop snakes from entering all potential snake entry points must be sealed or closed up. American Animal Control® LLC can provide you with a thorough snake entry prevention service.

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If you are seeing snakes and want them removed give us a call. If your finding snakes skins or you are concerned about snakes getting into your house, we can help. If you have a mouse or other pest problem, you may have a potential snake problem. Snake control, snake trapping and removal, as well as a snake  entry prevention procedure may be your best solution in solving your snake problem.

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