pest control rat removal serviceRAT REMOVAL AND CONTROL

American Animal Control LLC provides rat removal, rat control, rat damage repair, rat trapping, and all types of rat removal services. We trap and remove rats in homes, businesses, farms, and commercial buildings. Most home owners are in great disbelief when they find out they have rats in their home. A common misunderstanding is that rats only live in homes or business where unsanitary conditions exists.

Rats occupy any place where food and shelter can be found including, Million dollar homes, condominiums, apartments, mobile home parks, storage buildings, and barns. Most of our customers associate rats with living in woodlands, open fields, garbage dumps, and sewers.


Rats are omnivorous and will eat anything edible that they find. All types of vegetation, earth worms, frogs, turtles, birds, and insects. Some of our customer will have open containers of dog or cat food that rats have found. Bird feeders can lure rats to an area. Open garbage containers, livestock feed, and gardens may all provide a good food source for rats to feed on. Always remember when trying to keep rats away, try and cover or eliminate any type of food source when possible.

remove rats in house pest controlRAT INFESTATIONS

Rats are social animals and tend to breed in large groups, where communal care makes this species somewhat of a cooperative breeder. Female Norway rats have been known to produce up to 12 litters per year consisting of 8-10 young. Breeding occurs year-round and gestation lasts 21-22 days. If rats are not noticed or go without any type of rat control or trapping program, major rat infestation can occur in a very short period of time. This can lead to major health problems as well as great amounts of property damage.

pest control rat damage removalRAT EXTERMINATING SERVICE

American Animal Control LLC does not use poisons to exterminate rats. Poisons used on rats normally have short term success as rats can build up tolerances to certain poisons. We look to solve our customers rat problem and not just treat it. When using poisons many times rats can get into floors, walls, ceilings, basements, and crawlspaces after ingesting the poison. This can sometimes turn into a real challenge when trying to locate and remove a decomposing rat that is emitting a very bad odor. Rats that die inside a building or home can smell for many months. This is why trapping rats is always the best possible option.

pest control rat removal companyRAT REMOVAL PROGRAMS

American Animal Control LLC highly trained service technicians will provide extensive rat entrance point inspections. If you have rats in your home or business our main focus is to find all the possible entrance points. This will be one of the most important elements in solving your rat infestation. Rats typically enter at the ground or foundation level. However, it is not uncommon to find rats in attics. Many times our customers will hear the rats in the walls scratching, gnawing, or chewing. Once rats have enter a structure they can go almost anywhere.

pest removal rat trapping and controlRAT DAMAGE CONTROL

Rats can cause great amounts of structure damage once they have entered into a home or business. Not just chewing holes in walls, floors, or ceilings. But rats are wire chewers. Rats will cause a great amount of of damage to insulation in walls and attics as well. Rats do carry several types of diseases and rat droppings, rat nests, or rat contaminated insulation should always be handled with great care. Gloves and a respirator are highly recommended.

pest control rat removal serviceRAT TRAPPING SERVICE

In order to effectively eliminate a rat problem several steps must be taken:

  1. Locate and closeup all possible rat entrance points.
  2. Trap and remove all resident rats.
  3. Remove or properly store all possible rat food supply.
  4. Regular rat entry point inspections.
  5. Once a customer has had a rat problem or rat infestation it is always a good idea at least once a year to have a inspection and evaluation to insure other area rats have not taken up residents by creating new entrance points. Rats are like a dog and a fire hydrant. Sometimes conditions are perfect for rats and more rats will find their way in when possible.

If you are having rat problems or a major rat infestation, give us a call.