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American Animal Control LLC provides professional muskrat removal and damage repair for Indiana, Michigan. and Ohio.

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The muskrat is a common herbivore (plant eater) that lives in most waterways and wetlands of the Midwest. The muskrat is sometimes mistaken for  "little beavers" as they swim through the water. Muskrats are mammals that actually build homes in the water. That is where they spend most of their time feeding and raising their young. The muskrat swims very good in water, with its long, almost-hairless tail curling behind. Often, the muskrat can be seen carrying different types of vegetation as it swims.The average muskrat is about 20 inches long, including its 9-inch tail. Adult muskrats weigh approx. 2 to 5 pounds. The upper body is reddish brown, while the under parts are grayish brown. Muskrats produce many young. An adult female can have two or three litters of up to 10 young each summer. The young weigh about one-half ounce at birth, but grow rapidly and can live on their own after only one month.

Muskrats eat the roots, stems, leaves, and fruits of a many water plants, such as cattail, water lilies, and sometimes decorative plants, and garden vegetables in our customers yards. Even though the muskrat is mainly a plant eater, it also eats small fish, clams, snails, frogs, and even turtles.The muskrat's main predators are mink and otters. Some predator birds such as hawks, eagles, owls, and even ospreys will attack swimming muskrats. When on land, muskrats are very vulnerable to predators such as foxes, coyotes and raccoons.


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The muskrat is found throughout all of Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. It lives in marshes, ponds, and streams that have water and plants. Several hundred muskrats can live in a single area of wetlands.  Although mostly known for building muskrat "huts" lodges, or  houses out of mud and vegetation, it just as often lives in burrows in banks and seawalls. At one time muskrats were valuable fur bearer. The muskrat fur can provides income for trappers when it is prime in the winter months.


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Most importantly muskrats can cause serious property damage. Trapping muskrats, of course, helps to keep these prolific animals in balance with their habitat and prevents damage to lake seawalls, river banks, and retention ponds. Muskrats have several litters each season. If they become overly-abundant, they may create problems by digging holes in dikes and dams or tunneling out bank dens along lakes, ponds, and rivers.

Unlike the beaver, the muskrat does not store food for the winter. It needs to eat fresh plants each day, and sometimes it makes channels in the mud to get from its house to reach food under the ice. To stay warm in winter, groups of muskrats huddle together in their lodges. Many times tunneling under lake seawalls causing collapsing of the banks behind them. This can lead to severe cracking of the seawalls when ice pushes against it in the winter. The other more serious concern is the banks caving in when a person is walking along the seawall or river bank.


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American Animal Control LLC. service technicians have trapped and removed thousands of nuisance muskrats for property owners over the years. Many of our customers will watch the "cute " little pest swimming in and out of their piers in the lake areas. Never realizing that the muskrats are slowly undermining their waterfront banks. Muskrats are very prolific and should be trapped and removed when there is the first sighting to prevent property damage.


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American Animal Control LLC provides seasonal muskrat trapping programs for home owners, associations, and businesses. Regular muskrat trapping services is recommended to properly keep the muskrat population at bay. Where there is one muskrat there is usually several more. If you are seeing muskrats or are having problems with muskrats damaging your property, give us a call, our licensed wildlife removal service technicians will provide you with a inspection and assessment of the extent of your muskrat problem. We will locate muskrat den locations, travel ways, and muskrat feeding areas. We will then set up traps to trap and remove the nuisance muskrats from your property. Or goal is to be pro-active in providing our customers with a professional muskrat removal and control service to prevent ongoing property damage.

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