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Thank you for considering ®American Animal Control, LLC for your wildlife -fox removal, animal control, and pest exterminating services. We truly care about serving you and providing our customers with the most professional, updated, and innovative techniques for animal control, wildlife removal, and pest exterminating. We provide humane removal and exclusion of nuisance or sick fox.

Red Fox are one of the most beautiful of God's creations. They also can cause many troubles for chicken farmers and small pet owners. Fox, for the most part, are not any threat to humans. They are however, a canine that should not be handled except by a professional fox trapper or fox removal specialist. Fox can carry several different types of diseases including rabies and canine distemper. They also have razor sharp teeth.

Professional Fox trapper

Fox removal in city limits

Fort Wayne manufacturer was having problems with this fox coming in and out of the open overhead doors. Some of the employees were starting to throw lunch scraps on the floor. The plant manager new it was time to have a professional fox trapper remove the fox before someone got bit.

® American Animal Control, LLC receives calls from customers primarily when they happen to see a sick fox on their property. Most fox will see you before you ever get close to them. If you have a fox that is hanging around in daylight hours, its a good chance that it is a sick fox.

Male and female red fox begin to pair up in December or January, and mating is usually accomplished in January. Evidence suggests that red fox do pair up with the same mates of the past year, if both are still alive. The litter is born 52 or 53 days later, usually about mid-March, in an underground den. These dens are often located on slopes with good visibility in all directions, and several entrances and connecting tunnels are typical. Often times, these dens are abandoned woodchuck or badger diggings, which were renovated by the fox. The average litter size for red fox is 6 to 8 pups.

During the first week after birthing, the female stays in the den with the newborn pups, and the male brings food to the female at the den opening. Later on, both mates hunt to provide food for the litter.

fox trapping professional Indiana

This home owner had open containers of dog food in the garage. Fox will always go for an easy meal. Always best to keep all pet food in sealed containers and garage doors closed when your not in the garage.

Fox usually have an alternative den selection. The female will not hesitate to move the litter if she feels that the den is threatened. Red fox only have one litter a year. And many times home owners will see fox hanging out in the yards when the pups start dispersing from their birth site. We have received calls from customers who have had a litter of fox pups under their decks. Not a good idea to have fox that close to your house for obvious reasons. It is always best to have a professional fox removal trapper remove the fox and install a deck barrier to prevent future fox from digging under your deck or shed.

Fox Control and Removal

Professional Fox Removal

Sick fox removed from a senior citizens retirement community in Mishawaka.

On most jobs, unless the fox is sick, we can live trap and relocate a fox to a more suitable environment. Some of our customers insist that the fox be humanly euthanized to prevent the possible spread of any disease. Others like us to relocate the fox. Most state laws requires all fox that are trapped by a licensed professional to be euthanized if it is to be transported across county lines. Some fox may also be relocated if they are not sick and are relocated within the county it was captured in.

Populations of Red Fox can vary from state to state as well as county to county. Fox are easily killed on a regular basis by coyotes. Coyotes will kill fox just for fun. Its the big dog little dog thing. We have found fox in our traps that have been mutilated by coyotes. With this in mind rural fox have been pushed more and more into the more urban ares by the coyotes. Living under decks, sheds, wood piles, and even under children's play houses. Fox do also have fleas and some carry the manage "mite". As cool as they look, and as fun as they are to watch, you should give us a call and have the fox trapped and removed for health safety reasons. Never corner a fox or try to handle it. If you are having fox problems and need it trapped, or if you have a fox that looks sick hanging around, give us a call. One of our licensed fox removal specialist will assists you in humanely removing the fox from your property. 877-264-3636

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