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feral cat removal service® American Animal Control provides trapping and removal of feral cats. We remove cats under decks, under sheds, cats in crawlspaces, and stray cats.


Wild cats or stray cats are common in almost all rural and urban areas. Most stray cats are cats that were either "dumped off" from a home owner who can't take care of it, or the offspring of a feral cat that is living and breeding near by.

Feral Cat

"A feral cat is a domesticated cat that has returned to the wild, or the descendants of such an animal. It is distinguished from a stray cat, which is a pet cat that has been lost or abandoned, while feral cats have never been socialized. The offspring of a stray cat can be considered feral if born in the wild. In many parts of the Midwest, feral cats are the offspring of unaltered domestic cats."

feral cat removal from under decksFeral cats have an average of 1.4 litters per year, with an average 3.5 live births in each litter. That equals 4.9 kittens per year, per female feral cat. Indeed, a pair of breeding cats and their offspring can produce 420,000 kittens over a seven-year period. Of the approximately 146 million cats in the United States, about half are feral or wild cats. With these kind of breeding habits and populations it easy to see why feral cats or stray cats can become a major problem in a short period of time.

While feral cats do help control rodents such as mice and rats, they can be devastating to small game such as rabbits and squirrels. They also will kill and eat many types of birds. Once stray cats become wild, they also become very aggressive and  effective killers. Their hunting and stalking instincts are parallel to none.

dead feral cat removal and pickup service professionalsFeral cats can also carry many diseases and are commonly sick. Fleas, ticks, and mites will take up residence on a feral cat. DO NOT HANDLE FERAL CATS! If you are having a problem with feral cats living under your mobile home, or in crawlspace, shed, or barn. And you need them removed give us a call at ® American Animal Control, LLC. Our animal control specialists can trap and remove them in a humane live trap. We quite frequently remove feral cats that are living under decks. Many times we will remove entire litters of kittens from under decks and sheds. Then we will install custom barriers to prevent future animal entry.

Once we had a female feral cat get into a house through a broken window. After inside the feral cat went through the floor joist across the basement ceiling, then down a wall behind a shower and had her kittens. It was quite a task to remove the feral kittens without damaging any drywall. Our animal control service tech was a able to safely remove the feral kittens without any damage to the finished drywall. For help with feral cats, stray cats, or wild tom cats, always call a animal control professional. We will remove the cats and provide you with a solution to prevent further entry or damage. 1-877-264-3638

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