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American Animal Control ® LLC wildlife removal service provides dead animal removal, animal carcass recovery, and animal odor control for all types of animals and situations.

  • We remove dead animals in walls
  • Removal of dead animals in attics
  • Get dead animals out of chimneys
  • Remove dead animal in crawlspaces
  • Recovery of dead animals under decks and sheds
  • Remove dead deer in yards and ponds

Locating and removing dead animals for our customers is not the most glamorous of the animal control and wildlife removal services that we provide at American Animal Control ® LLC. However, removal of dead animals can be one of the most rewarding of all our animal removal services, especially for our customers. If you think a dead animal may be in your house you should call right away.

Whether its a dead animal in your wall, a dead animal in the crawlspace, a dead animal in the attic, or dead animal in the chimney, you have obviously become enlightened to the horrible problem that a "dead animal smell" can become. Sometimes even a dead animal or rodent as small as a mouse can just about run you out of your home or office. Many of our customers will call with a "bad smell" or tell us they have a dead animal odor in their house. Our first question is always, have you heard anything that sounds like a animal in your attic, a animal in the wall, a animal in the floor, or an animal the crawlspace?  Often times animals will come and go without notice. These animals enter the home in or at the foundation, the attic, or even under decks and sheds. Once an animal is in the house it can pretty much go anywhere it wants. We have removed dead animals from almost every possible place in a home you can think of:

  • Dead animals in ceilings
  • Dead animals in bedroom closets
  • Dead animals in walls, & even
  • Dead animals under bathtubs

Once our wildlife removal specialists removed a decomposed dead carp under a bathtub. The most common dead animal we find in the walls of our customers homes or ceilings of offices is mice. Mice can get in almost anywhere on a home. Once in, mice can move up and down walls, floors, and ceilings. Most people use poisons for mice. Whenever you poison a mouse, or animal of any kind, it becomes very sick and most of the time it will die. The question is, will it be found dead in an attic, dead in the wall, or dead in the basement? When you have a dead animal in your home or office it will emit an odor until it is finished decomposing. When using poisons always remember that you never know where the animal is going to land, and how long its carcass will smell.

dead raccoon removal

Our wildlife removal service technicians remove many dead raccoons per year. Some are found dead in the chimneys, some raccoons are found dead in the crawlspace, and some raccoons are even found dead in attics. When you have a dead raccoon in your house you will have no doubt that it is a dead animal of some kind and not just a sewer leak. Many times the bad smell or bad odor will be accompanied by black flies. Nevertheless, it's bad, and the dead animal must be removed sooner than later or you can have a unbearable mess on your hands. We have even found maggots pouring out of chimneys of houses and underbellies on mobile homes.

get dead animal out of chimney-animal removal

We also remove dead opossums, dead skunks, dead ground hogs, and dead cats underneath homes and in the crawlspaces. Animals will often get sick and look for shelter under decks and sheds for cover. Many times they will end up dead and emit a bad odor as well. Other times the home owners dog will dig the dead animal out from under the deck or shed and roll in it or eat it. This can sometimes lead to the homeowners pet becoming seriously sick.

dead deer removal

American Animal Control ® LLC also removes many dead deer in yards. Deer will get hit by cars and wonder out across a yard and die. If you have a dead deer in your yard, and it is within the county or city set backs, which is normally 35 feet from the road, you should call the Department of Natural Resources, or the sheriffs department. Most of the time they can contact the highway department to come and remove it. But if the dead deer in your yard is passed the right of way, you will need to give us a call 877-264-3638 so we can obtain the proper dead deer removal permits and remove the dead deer for you.

You don't have to live with a bad smell from a dead animal in your home or on your property. A dead animal just laying around decomposing can become a health concern and should always be properly disposed of in a timely and ethical manner.

American Animal Removal ® LLC provides dead animal removal for all types of dead animals:

• Dead mouse removal
• Dead rat removal
• Dead deer removal
• Dead raccoon removal
• Dead skunk removal
• Dead opossum removal
• Dead ground hog removal
• Dead cat removal
• Dead dog removal
• Dead livestock removal

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