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American Animal Control LLC provides humane trapping and removal of coyotes. Although the coyote looks like a dog, it is a wild animal and should be handled only by a professional coyote trapper. Great precaution is always taken when trapping coyotes in urban areas. Non-target animals MUST be avoided with roaming domestic animals at risk. Soft catch traps, non-lethal snares, and live traps are recommended. Our licensed and highly skilled coyote trappers will remove nuisance coyotes with the utmost professionalism and caution.

The coyote is now a permanent member of North America . Although the coyote is a significant predator on wildlife, it is a part of the natural ecosystem. The coyote takes a big proportion of fawns and other wildlife, but in many areas may be beneficial to the health of natural wildlife populations.

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This coyote was hanging around the Granger Indiana school. Running the play ground during daytime hours. Although this coyote seems to very healthy and well fed, it still could become threat to young children the more it becomes use to humans. Always call a professional coyote trapper if a coyote is hanging around in day time hours.

The coyote now occupies every county in almost every state in North America. Most people that are not familiar with the eastern coyote, will see a coyote and just think it is a dog.

“The coyote’s favorite food is anything they can chew”. The coyote is a carnivore that is able to adapt to the available food supply. The coyote is a significant predator of both wildlife species and farmer’s livestock, as well as many house pets. The primary wildlife species that the coyote prey upon are white-tailed deer and small mammals such as rats and mice. The coyote diet also consists of rabbits, groundhogs, turkeys, chipmunks, squirrels, muskrats, fruits, berries, small stray dogs, and the occasional house cat.

Coyote attacks on Humans

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Coyote attacks on humans are rare, however they do happen. With the increase of coyote populations, Caution with leaving small children out playing unattended in areas where there are many coyote sitings is not a good idea especially if coyotes are active during daytime hours.

® American Animal Control, LLC provides professional coyote control. The coyote can put terror in the hearts of many property owners. But most of the time the fear from coyotes has been unwarranted. Until recently there was only a few hundred total recorded coyote attack on humans. Mostly young children or people that would harass the coyotes when cornered. It seems that with the huge increase in coyote populations the reports in coyote attacks have increased. Rural and urban coyotes have really started getting use to human activity and human scent.

Coyote attacks on household pets

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Coyotes do attack pets. Veterinary clinics are receiving more and more calls for pet attacks from coyotes. Small dogs and cats in areas where coyotes are very active should be kept a close eye on. Don't leave small pets out at night when coyotes are known to be living close in your area.

Leaving garbage out or trash cans uncovered will lure coyote in and around your home. Open pet food containers and leaving your pets out at night can provide a easy meal for a hungry coyote. Small dogs and cats as well as smaller livestock are no challenge for a coyote or a pack of coyotes. Most pet attacks from coyotes will occur in the winter months as the typical food supplies slowly diminish. If you see a coyote around the last thing you ever want to do is feed it. Although it looks like a normal dog to the average person, it is a wild animal and great caution should be taken. If you live in a area where many coyotes have been spotted do not leave young toddlers unattended. Its not normal for coyote attacks to occur, however sick or hungry coyotes do crazy things. Just use wisdom when you know coyotes are in your area. Its best to call a wildlife removal specialist to trap and remove a coyote that seems to be hanging around a lot. Especially if it is in day time hours. Most coyotes are nocturnal. So if you see a coyote during daytime hours it may be sick or hungry.

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Coyote attacks on livestock have going on for centuries. Fences and livestock should be examined on regular basis. At the first sign of any coyote present, call a professional coyote trapper to remove the coyote before livestock is damage or killed.

Coyote attacks on livestock have been going on for centuries. Fences and livestock should be examined on regular basis. At the first sign of any coyote present, call a professional coyote trapper to remove the coyote before livestock is damage or killed.

For many years it was not uncommon for coyotes to kill livestock. Farmers and livestock ranchers have battled coyotes killing their livestock. Fences of all types have been installed to try and keep livestock in and predator coyotes out. Coyotes are strong, agile, and persistent. They will jump, climb, and dig under just about any type of wire constructed fences. Chickens, sheep, and small or young livestock should have secure shelter for night time hours. And if you start experiencing livestock kills or you see coyotes hanging around call us immediately to trap and remove nuisance coyotes. Call for Coyote Removal 877-264-3638

Predator-prey relationships between the white-tailed deer and the coyote have been extensively studied. The coyote is a significant predator of deer fawns. Studies have shown that the coyote’s diet consists of 70% fawns during June and July.  During the winter months  coyotes begin to kill deer again and become the main diet of coyotes. Although the coyote takes healthy adult deer during the winter, winter killed and wounded deer as well as carcasses from hunting season probably make up the bulk of the winter diet. Coyote predation has significant negative effects on deer herds. In some northern states, deer herd densities are relatively low and their habitat consists of vast wild areas with severe winter weather. In those areas food habitat studies showed that white-tailed deer made up 50-60% of the coyote’s diet.

Coyote Removal: If you are concerned about coyotes in your area, or are beginning to have coyotes kill livestock, give us a call. Our wildlife control technicians can assess your coyote problem and safely and humanely remove or control your coyote population.

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