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chipmunk control trapping and removal® American Animal Control, LLC service technicians trap and remove Chipmunks or "ground squirrels" that may become a nuisance to property owners. Chipmunks primarily live under ground, and will some what hibernate in the winter months. Primarily moving within their under ground den.  Most homeowners will see chipmunks in the landscaping, chipmunks in the yard, chipmunks under the deck, or chipmunks in the shed. Many times chipmunks will go up the outside vinyl corners on a house. Some homeowners will call and say they have chipmunks in the wall. Its not uncommon that chipmunks will sometimes get into a home. Many times chipmunks will chew the bottom of the siding of a home and get up into the walls of a home also. Chipmunks can be a pest and sometimes will need to be removed to prevent property damage to a home. Chipmunks in walls can chew wires. This is one good reason that chipmunks should be kept under control.

pest control chipmunk removal and trappingOur professional chipmunk trappers have seen lots of damage when chipmunks are in or under the foundation of a customers home. Entering many times be ripping the screens on a foundation vent. Chipmunks can chew on floor joist, tear down insulation, store food or nuts, and even die under a house and put off a horrible odor. Sometimes people will try and use poisons on chipmunks. DO NOT USE POISON ON CHIPMUNKS. The use of poisons is not recommended on chipmunks. When poison is used, a chipmunk can enter the crawlspace, in a wall, or even into a attic, in a place that is not accessible. This could end up being a terrible odor problem for a very long time. Not to mention you very well could end up with black flies or maggots. Always hire a professional to trap and remove chipmunks from your property.

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professional chipmunk removalChipmunks are basically tiny squirrels that have adapted to burrowing. Chipmunks produce one or two litters a year. Young are on their own within eight weeks. Chipmunks prefer forested areas and can climb trees, shrubs and bird feeders. Chipmunks do like hanging out in landscaping areas. They eat various types of seeds, berries, and certain types of grasses. Chipmunks also spread the seeds of trees and other plants. Chipmunks aren’t particularly choosey about what they eat. Along with seeds and fungi they scarf grain, fruit, nuts, insects, worms, bird eggs and even nestling birds and baby mice. Chipmunks don’t necessarily hunt for eggs and hatchlings, just eat them when they find them. Chipmunks do make different sounds. “The chip, the deeper chuck, and the startle call.” The also have a "alarm" sound that warns of impending danger. If you are having chipmunk problems, or you have a lot of chipmunks digging in your landscaping or yard, Give us a call. ® American Animal Control, LLC provides professional chipmunk trapping and removal services. We can remove chipmunks in your yard, chipmunks in your walls, chipmunks under decks or sheds. Don't let chipmunks run you off your property. Call 877-264-3638.