bird removal serviceThank you for considering American Animal Control ® LLC for your Bird Removal, Bird Control, and Bird Exterminating Services. We truly care about serving you and providing our customers with the most professional, updated, and innovative techniques for bird control, bird removal, and bird exterminating. We provide humane removal and exclusion for all types of birds.

From start to finish our licensed bird removal service team will begin with a comprehensive inspection of your attic, roof and/or foundation. We will locate all possible bird entrance points. We provide complete and professional bird exclusions, bird entrance closeups, and bird damage repair. We also can work with your insurance company for bird nesting removal, and or waste remediation and contaminated attic insulation removal, with complete attic renovations if needed. Customer satisfaction, and our reputation in solving your bird removal conflict is our #1 priority.

Our experienced and professional wildlife control service technicians are licensed and insured, and will serve you with great care and knowledge. We have 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed! Providing all types of bird removal and bird prevention services.


Commercial Bird Removal Services in IndianaWhen businesses and industrial buildings have bird issues, our specialized team of experts can resolve the issue discreetly and efficiently.  The commercial services that are common are keeping birds off of signage, getting birds out of stores and storage areas, bird netting to keep birds out of ceiling rafters and overhanging areas, Canada geese removal and nest removal. Call our commercial bird division at 877-264-3638 or visit their facebook page here: AAC Commercial Bird Division

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we remove birds from all types of air ventsOur most common bird removal call is birds in vents. Many of our customers complain of hearing birds in their bathroom exhaust fan vents. Most of the  times the birds will enter on the outside where the louver exhaust "ports" out the side of the home. These plastic louvers warp, crack, and become damaged very easy. This allows birds to enter and build their nest. Many times our customers will call and say they are hearing "chirping" noises in the bathroom ceiling exhaust fan. Normally in the spring soon after the bird eggs are hatched out the baby birds will begin to make chirping noises in the vent ducts. ® American Animal Control, LLC will remove these birds, the birds nest, clean the duct so the fan can exhaust properly, and install a pest guard cover over the vent to prevent further bird entry and bird damage.

Birds in Dryer Vent

When birds get into the dryer vent, they are usually looking for a nest location.  Birds in dryer vents accompany birds nesting as well.  Our service to get birds and their nests out of the vent includes preventing them from getting in again, while also preventing blockages that could lead to fires.  Do not block your vent to keep birds out!

Birds in Microwave Vent

Similarly to other vents, when birds get into a microwave vent, we remove them and their nest before installing a better vent cover to prevent future birds from getting in.

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bird removal service birds in chimneyThere are several birds that will get down in our customers chimneys. When we get birds out of chimneys most of the time it is because the customer is hearing "fluttering" noises, or birds chirping in the chimney. Birds will roost on top of the chimney especially when it's cold out to keep warm. Warm air will escape from the home up the chimney and provide warmth for the birds. This, a lot of times is because the chimney tamper has been left open. Occasionally birds for different reasons end up falling down the chimney and can't get back up. Chimney swifts will build small mud nest on the walls of the inside of the chimney. They will make a lot of noise and many times will be mistaken as a raccoon in the chimney. Wood ducks will also go down chimneys. On several occasions we will find a pair on wood ducks on the damper. On one occasion we received a call from a customer who was having a horrible problem with black flies all over his living room. When our wildlife removal specialist inspected the chimney there were two dead wood ducks in the chimney. Anyone having problems with birds in the chimney could have prevented these type of bird problems by the installation of a chimney cap on top of the chimney.

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When we receive calls from customers with birds in basements most of the time it is a older home. Many older houses have old chimneys with clean-outs at the bottom. These old chimneys many times are no longer in use and the old furnace pipes have been removed leaving the hole wide open into the basement. Birds will enter into the basement either from the opening in the side of the chimney or the old clean-out door at the bottom. Most of the time we can remove the bird in the basement on a single visit and install a chimney cap to prevent any further birds getting into the basement.

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Most people that call with birds in the attic have no clue that the noises in the attic are from a bird. They will hear scratching noises from the birds. And sometimes they will hear the bird flying into the rafters as it is frantically trying to navigate its way through the attic. Almost always the birds have entered into the attic from a torn screen in a gable louver vent. Birds will roost in these vents quite frequently. Sometimes you can tell you have birds in the attic just by a quick walk around the house with a visible inspection of the vents. Birds nesting in the vent and bird droppings all over the side of the house are a good sign you may have birds in the attic. The bug screen that is installed in most louver vents is vinyl and dry rots easily allowing the birds to have quick access into the attic.

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remove bird in wall wildlife removal serviceBirds in the walls primarily come down from the attic. Scratching noises in the walls is typically the initial call that we receive from our customers when we find they have birds in the wall. Once inside a attic birds have full access to any type of wall cavity that opens into the attic. The birds will drop down these wall cavities using the insulation for nesting. If the wall is a interior wall without insulation many times the bird will get stuck in the wall and cannot get back up. Always call right away when you hear noises in your walls. You do not want end up with a dead bird in the wall.

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bird nest removal wildlife control serviceBirds can make a real mess when the decide they are going to take up residence in your house. The bird nest can contain lice, maggots, and worms. The worst part of the bird nests in your attic or walls is all the fecal/waste in the nest. Bird droppings are notorious for histoplasmosis. The last thing you want to do is handle a bird nest without gloves and a respirator. Birds can be nasty and you should always call a wildlife control professional if you have a bird infestation that requires nest removal and bird contamination that needs removed.

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woodpecker control wildlife removal serviceMost woodpeckers are federally protected and cannot and should not be killed or euthanized. Woodpeckers cause tens of thousands of damage to customers homes each year. One woodpecker can destroy a customers siding in just a couple days. Wood sided houses are magnets for woodpeckers. Most of the customers think the woodpeckers are "pecking" apart their siding because there is bugs living in the siding. Woodpeckers are very territorial. Most of our woodpeckers calls come in in the spring and in the fall. Once a woodpecker creates a hole in the siding many times other birds will move into the walls. Sometimes when our wildlife removal service technicians arrive on a woodpecker job we will find insulation all over the ground from birds building nest in the walls of the house. Birds may need to be removed as well as the bird nesting. If you are having trouble with birds in your walls, chimney, basement, or attic, give us a call. American Animal Control®, LLC provides professional bird removal and control for residential and commercial properties.

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