Although Indiana beavers provide many positive environmental values, they can also cause property damage. Presently, beavers are very abundant in most areas of Indiana. To help landowners and others manage beaver damage, American Animal Control LLC provides beaver removal and control for beavers in ponds, creeks, drainage culverts, home owner associations, and beaver damage control for lakes and reservoirs. We remove beavers in channels, remove beaver dams, and provide removal for beavers that are causing property damage to farms, trees, and landscaping.


In some situations, water levels in beaver ponds can be maintained by removal of the beaver dams. However you will quickly find out that beavers will rebuild their dams in just a couple nights. Beavers will work together building dams and blocking up drainage tiles to create ponds or areas of water to build their lodges and dens.

beaver dam removal indianaBEAVER DAM REMOVAL INDIANA

We have seen many customers try and protect individual trees in their yard by placing hardware cloth cylinders around the base of the trees. But this will probably not solve your beaver problem.

In many cases, beaver damage cannot be effectively managed unless the offending beavers are removed.  Removing a dam without removing the resident beavers generally results in the dam being immediately rebuilt.  Live relocation of beavers is not recommended and requires written permission from a property owner for relocation. It really is not very wise move to remove a nuisance beaver and take it to another property to cause damage in another area of Indiana.

Trapping and removing beaver should only be done by a licensed professional. Many times home or property owners in the certain areas will attempt to trap or shoot problem beavers. Without a license or permit it is illegal to kill or remove beavers. Beavers that are not trapped by a professional may get in and out of a trap if not set properly. This will increase the chance of a beavers becoming "trap shy" and may make it more difficult to remove the beaver from the property.


American Animal Control LLC has trained beaver removal specialists in all of Indiana. With almost 75 years of combined beaver removal and beaver control experience we can help solve your beaver problem in a timely manner. Beginning with the initial inspection and evaluation of the beaver damage, our beaver removal specialists will identify travel ways, lodges, slides, dive holes, bank dens, and scent mounds. Putting together a beaver removal strategy is beneficial in eliminating your beavers and solving your beaver problem. After we are sure there is no more beavers in the affected area, we can also clean up and remove damaged trees and vegetation. Beaver dam removal is a very important key in restoring proper water levels in retention ponds and drainage ditches. American Animal Control LLC can remove all beaver dams so flooding does not occur.


After beavers have been removed and beaver dams have been torn out, it is a good idea to have regular inspections. Once an area has had problems with beavers, often times more beavers will move into the area. Its all about habitat. Beavers are always looking for ideal habitat that will supply their needs. Water, trees, and food supply is all it takes to bring beavers into an area. With so many lakes, ponds, reservoirs, creeks, ditches, marshes, and rivers in Indiana and surrounding states, there will always be the chance beavers will return. If you are having trouble with beavers cutting down your trees or shrubs, creating dams, and building lodges on your property, give us a call. American Animal Control ® provides beaver control for private property, home owners, and business. We provide dependable professional beaver damage control. Please call us for a free consultation.