South Bend Wildlife Removal Services

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Nuisance Animal Removal And Control Services

From start to finish our licensed South Bend animal removal team will begin with a comprehensive inspection. Attic inspections, roof inspections, and foundation inspections. We will locate all animal entrance points. Our technicians provide complete and professional animal exclusions, animal entrance close-ups, and animal damage repair. American Animal Control® LLC also can work with your insurance company for animal waste remediation and attic insulation removal, and complete attic renovation. Customer satisfaction and our reputation in solving your wildlife removal conflict is our #1 priority.

South Bend Bat Removal And Exclusion

bats in the attic

Bats living in the attic of a house are very temperature sensitive and when the attic of a house becomes really hot, or really cold bats will push down the walls. Many times the bats will find a little opening inside the house to take flight out of. Most customers that call with a bat flying in the house will assume that the bat came down the chimney and then into the house. In all the years our licensed bat removal specialists have removed bats in the house, very rarely do we find that the bats in the house actually entered from the chimney.

There are several occasions when we have found that once a bat is in the house it will gravitate to the fireplace because it will feel a draft that is pulling air from the house and up the chimney. Almost always bats that are in the house have entered through the attic. We receive calls from homeowners that have only ever had one bat in the house, and others that have had bats in the house for many years. If you have bats in your house don’t let the problem go on for years! There are many health issues related to having bats in the house. One is histoplasmosis. This is a fungus that can get into your lungs from the bat guano in the attic or walls.

If bat guano is found in the house, whether in the attic or in the walls of the house, and there are significant amounts it should be removed. Most homeowners insurance companies will cover the removal of bat guano in the house. We have been in attics of houses that have hundreds of bats that have built large bat colonies in the house. Other times we are called by customers that have only one bat hanging on the wall in the house. They will tell us this is the only bat they have had in the house in all the years they have lived in the house. After a bat entry inspection and bat colony evaluation, no other signs of bats in the house are found. Read more here on bat exclusion services and guano cleanup in South Bend.

South Bend Mice Control And Extermination

mice in homes

Mouse removal programs: Most homes and businesses have had some type of mouse problem at one time or another. No one wants a mouse in their home or business. Mice enter in through very very small construction gaps, openings in foundations, behind siding, and on the roof line in many areas as small as the eraser on a pencil. We can’t guarantee that a customer never has another mouse in their home due to many factors. Homes settle, homes age, and homes always will have maintenance issues. There are many ways people get rid of mice. This is the American Animal Control way.

We offer mouse bait stations outdoors. Our focus is primarily mouse entry prevention. We must locate and close up all possible entrance points to stop mice from entering. Once mice are in the home or business the best way to remove them is traps. Trapping mice is very time consuming and labor intensive. This type of mouse removal program ensures our customers they usually will not experience the smell of dead mice rotting in the walls, floors, attics or crawlspaces. The problem with poisons indoors is you never know where the dead mouse will end up or how long it will smell once it has died?

Our mouse removal professionals locate and seal up all possible mouse entrance points and optionally provide our customers with an ongoing mouse trapping monthly service that assures our customers if and when a mouse or mice show up they will be trapped and removed in a timely fashion. Read more here on mice control services and rodent extermination in South Bend.

South Bend Mole Trapping And Control

mole damage to lawn

Moles play a beneficial role in the management of soil and the control of undesirable grubs and insects, but homeowners may object to Mole mounds, Molehills, and Mole tunnels in their yard.  American Animal Control, LLC traps and removes moles in yards. We don’t use poisons or the big old dagger type traps. We trap moles often in yards of customers that have pets or small children and safety is always our # 1 concern.

With up to date and newer style mole traps we can get an average size yard cleanup in 10-14 days. Although we cannot guarantee a mole may not travel 3 blocks down the road from your neighbors, we can sure trap and remove the mole from your yard if one shows up. Our company offers seasonal mole trapping and mole removal programs. If you are tired of your yard or lawn looking like a cow pasture, or you just have a few mole trails or mole tunnels in your yard, give us a call, our mole removal service technicians are professional mole trappers and can get your lawn free of moles and looking like a golf course in a very short time. Read more here on mole trapping and control services in South Bend.

South Bend Raccoon Removal And Damage Repairs

raccoons in the attic

Our team offers the most innovative raccoon removal techniques in the industry. Our techs have over 60 years of combined experience in raccoon removal, raccoon control, and raccoon trapping.

Raccoons primarily move in low light condition. At night while you’re sleeping the masked bandits begin to seek out what kind of havoc they can do. Mostly looking for food, raccoons will eat almost anything including; worms, grubs, insects, fish, birds, frogs, eggs, mice, moles, rats, and even rabbits. We receive many calls a year from people with raccoons in their dumpster and or raccoons in garbage cans. We also receive calls from people who have bird feeders in their yards. Although we all enjoy watching birds, bird feeders become magnets for every raccoon in the neighborhood.

Most raccoons like to build their dens up high in holes of trees. But more and more, raccoons are making their dens in attics of homes, chimneys, and outbuildings. They tear holes in roofs, rip open soffits, and cause hundreds and thousands of dollars in damage to homes every year.

Although raccoons appear to be “playful” or “cute”, when cornered they are very aggressive. Raccoons are very strong, fast, and have razor sharp teeth and jaw strength that can crush bones. Raccoons can carry rabies. Raccoons also can have many other diseases as well as raccoon roundworm. Read more here on raccoon removal and damage repair services in South Bend.

South Bend Groundhog Trapping And Removal

nuisance groundhog making holes

We trap and remove groundhogs, also known as woodchucks that are burrowing under decks, digging under sheds and groundhogs that have den holes in banks or landscaping. Our wildlife-pest removal technicians are licensed specialists and we remove and control the woodchucks, groundhogs in your yard.

Our company specializes in groundhog or woodchuck removal and control from start to finish! After we remove the groundhogs from under your deck, shed, or yard, we will provide you with a quote to either fill in holes with concrete and topsoil or install a deck or shed pest guard barrier. Our team offers the highest quality signature custom deck and shed barriers on the market. Only American Animal Control ® will offer its customers an unlimited 5-year guarantee on all deck and shed pest guard barriers.

If you are having problems with groundhogs or woodchucks digging in your yard, landscaping, or burrowing holes for their den sites under your deck or shed, our professional groundhog trappers can remove them from your property and prevent them from coming back. Our company is the most recommended wildlife-pest removal company by many professional landscapers, pest control companies, and lawn care professionals in Indiana and Michigan. Read more here on groundhog removal and trapping.

South Bend Skunk Removal And Exclusion

skunk digging up lawn

Thank you for considering American Animal Control, LLC for your Skunk removal and wildlife conflict. Skunk removal and skunk trapping is a service that most pest control or pest exterminating companies do not offer. Our trappers remove skunks digging in yards and lawns, trap and remove skunks in crawlspaces, dead skunk removal, we remove skunks under decks, and get skunks out from sheds and outbuildings.

Skunks are protected laws and permits, and a license is required to trap, remove, or transport a skunk. The skunk harvest is controlled by trapping seasons and regulations. Occasional skunk sightings around neighborhoods are not uncommon and should be cause for alarm for wondering dogs or homeowners. When a skunk takes up residence around homes, harassment is usually not a smart or effective way in convincing them to move elsewhere. Packing a burrow with leaves or using mild repellents such as rags soaked in ammonia will not do the job.

Occasional sightings around neighborhoods in daylight hours occur. These skunks may be sick or have some type of disease. When a skunk takes up residence around homes (usually under decks, barns, sheds, or in crawl spaces), you should call us for professional skunk removal. You may try and eliminate skunks found around your house by removing access to crawl spaces, sheds, decks. Also reducing their food supply by storing pet food and bird seed in sealed containers. Always eliminate any possible nesting areas and materials by stacking firewood piles away from the house or outbuildings and keeping trash picked up.

If you know where the skunk has its den in a confined area stay away and call a wildlife removal specialist. 1-877-264-3638. Once the skunk has been trapped and removed, our trained and licensed skunk removal technicians can make sure to. discuss a more permanent solution to seal all entrance points, or install barriers to prevent the skunk from gaining access again. Read more on humane skunk removal here.

South Bend Squirrel Control And Removal

squirrels in the attic

We provide squirrel removal from attics & walls in all types of buildings. Squirrel removal near your town in Indiana and Southern Michigan is our specialty.

Squirrels get in walls, crawl spaces, ceilings, and floors. We get squirrels out of all types of homes and businesses. Squirrel trapping and exclusion service include an inspection of the property where our technicians can spot the sometimes hard to find the entry point for squirrels. Once the way squirrels are getting into the house is found, a humane trap is often placed directly over that spot. All animals inside are trapped in this manner. The final step in this squirrel control job is the squirrel damage repair to ensure no further entry can be made at that location.

American Animal Control’s licensed wildlife and squirrel removal professionals will provide an extensive inspection to locate all possible entrance points, set up proper traps to remove nuisance squirrels, while avoiding non-target animals or squirrels from being captured.

After problem squirrels are removed we will provide a quote/estimate for damage repair and waste removal and cleanup. And will warranty our close up and repairs against future squirrel entry.

Prevention of animal and squirrel entry is our biggest concern for our customers. American Animal Control ® LLC will take great care in removing all animals in a humane manner while assuring our customers that squirrels will not enter their homes ever again at the entrance points that we repair. Read more on squirrel removal and squirrel exclusion services in South Bend here.