Vole Removal and Control Vole Specializing in Entry Prevention

vole control service rodent removal©American Animal Control, LLC provides Vole removal and vole entry prevention services. Voles are often mistaken as mice, shrews, moles and even small rats by the untrained eye. We receive calls for all of these types of pest on a regular basis. Most customers that call will find Voles in the basement, crawl space, or gardens. They will often also live in mulch beds or flower beds around homes. Primarily, Voles like grassy fence lines. We have had customers call with concerns when seeing many half-dollar size holes in the grass up and down their fences. Many customers will think that the damage was caused by moles or gophers. Vole holes typically are found in concentrated areas. These areas are some times called Vole colonies. Although Voles are not true colonizers they occasionally can be found in colonies or communal groups. Male Voles may fight to the death during the breeding period. Gestation period averages about 21-25 days. Most young voles are weaned in 12-14 days. Some types of voles may have up to 80 young per year. Some Vole experts say that 88% of voles will die within the first 12 months.

got voles removal serviceWhen ®American Animal Control, LLC receives calls for Voles in the winter months it's mainly because someone has found a Vole in their basement or crawl space. Occasionally a house pet will even show up with a vole hanging from its mouth. The #1 concern from customers that call come in the summer months and they are concerned with decorative/ornamental plants or flowers. VOLES WILL EAT ROOTS FROM PLANTS, SHRUBS, OR FLOWERS.

AAC provides seasonal vole prevention services.

rodent removal voles®American Animal Control, LLC provides Vole trapping service and secures your home and foundation with a Vole entry exclusion and prevention procedure.  If you are in need of professional Vole trapping and removal, give us a call at 877-264-3638 we can surely help you with all your Vole problems and concerns.