Raccoons, Skunks, Ground Hogs, Opossums, and Feral Cats often find shelter or build their homes under decks and sheds. When wildlife or abandoned animals look for shelter under decks and sheds it may become a nuisance and the animals may need to be removed. Many times animals also use these sites for their litter boxes too. Over the years American Animal Control LLC has removed thousands of nuisance animals that have took up residence under decks and sheds. Protect from this with a custom shed or deck barrier!

Deck barrier keeps animals out.

If you have animals living under your shed or deck. You need a shed or deck barrier!

The other concern for animals living under your deck or shed is not just the live ones, but the dead one's too. Often times sick or old animals (raccoons, skunks, opossum, ground hogs, woodchucks, etc.) will go under decks or sheds to die. Sometimes the smell from the dead animals will be so bad that our customers must vacate their home for several days.

We received a call a few years ago from homeowners who had just returned from vacation to the whole house filled with black flies and a horrible smell from a dead animal. They had built a sun room on top of a ground level deck and then built a rap around ground level deck in front of that. After almost 3 days of hand digging and almost a full dump truck load of dirt that had to be removed we managed to dig a tunnel all the way under the first deck and under the old deck up against the original foundation of the house to find a dead raccoon the size of a beach ball. These people had to stay in a hotel until the smell went away! A deck barrier and proper inspection of the area prior to installation would have prevented this.

Also, It gets really bad when that dead animal turns out to be a dead skunk!

We removed this skunk from under a shed and installed a shed barrier to prevent it happening again.Once a lady had called and said she had 10 skunks living under her porch. We were not sure if she was exaggerating or she was seeing things. But when we had barricaded traps into the entrance points within just a couple days we had trapped the mother skunk and 9 baby skunks.

Just recently we had a customer call and say that her beautiful finished basement had a horrible smell emitting from it. It turns out a family of raccoons had entered under the deck and dug under the foundation and got into the finished drywall ceiling. The whole ceiling has now become the litter box filled with raccoon droppings and raccoon urine was dripping from the can lights.

Sometimes ground hogs or woodchucks will enter under the decks and dig out to build dens parallel with the foundation causing foundation issues and ground erosion.

American Animal Control wildlife removal techs have seen just about everything when it comes to live animals and dead animals that have presented problems with our customers under their decks or sheds. Deck barriers work!

We have designed and engineered one of the most tested and effective deck and shed barriers that will stop and prevent raccoons, skunks, squirrels groundhogs, opossums, and feral cats from taking up residence under your deck or shed. Our signature "Pest Guard Deck Barriers" are custom fabricated out of HD 1/2 x 1/2 galvanized welded wire. This is the same heavy 16 gauge wire that our custom cages are build from. Each deck or shed barrier is custom designed for each customers needs. We have installed thousands of feet of deck/shed barriers for entry prevention for raccoons, skunks, groundhogs, woodchucks, opossums, etc. Each of our Pest Guard Barriers come with a 5 year unlimited warranty against animal entry.

Shed or Deck Barrier Installation Procedure.

Step #1 fabricate proper "drop"and "leg out"in shop on metal brake.

First step is to custom fabricate the deck barrier for the customer.

First step is to custom fabricate the deck barrier for the customer.

Animal Proofing under sheds and decks American Animal Control(The "drop" is the distance from the bottom of the deck down into the ground. The "leg out" is the distance the pest guard material will go out at a 90° angle away from the deck under ground. This will prevent animals from digging under.

The deck barrier is vital in order to guarantee that no animals can get under.

Once the old deck lattice, if any, is removed, we get to step 2.

The image to the right shows the basic process.  Poly lattice is used as it doesn't allow for deterioration like wood lattice.

Step #2. Dig the "trench".

Step #2 is to dig a trench to bed the pest guard.

Step #2 is to dig a trench to bed the pest guard.

The "trench" is actually where the "leg out" will be seated in.

When we exclude animals from under a shed or deck, the "leg out" part of the barrier is where the magic happens.  We bury the barrier several inches below the ground.  If an animal tries to dig under, they will meet with a 90º angle of barrier material, and give up.  No animals under the shed or deck anymore!

Step # 3 Attach the top edge of the pest guard to the bottom of the deck.

Step #3 is to seat and attach the barrier to the bottom edge of deck or shed.

Step #3 is to seat and attach the barrier to the bottom edge of deck or shed.

We seat and attach the barrier to the bottom edge of deck or shed, creating an animal-proof barrier.

When the barrier is installed, a firm attachment to the deck or shed is imperative the the success rate in keeping animals out.  We start by using high quality fasteners at the top of the barrier.  Animals don't stand a chance!


Step # 4 Stake the and ring together all seams.

Step # 4 is to stake and ring the seams.

Step # 4 is to stake and ring the seams.

The seams are all staked with 12" landscape spikes to prevent any movement of pest guard material. High-quality rings are used to fix panels together, making an unbreakable barrier.

Step # 5 Back-fill and rake out all trenches. Cover up the pest guard material.

American Animal Control removes many different animals including Raccoons, Bats, Skunks, Groundhogs, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Opossums, in and near many cities in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio Including:

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