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mouse removal and extermination

American Animal Control mouse removal programs: Most homes and businesses have had some type of mouse problem at one time or another. No one wants a mouse in their home or business. Mice enter in through very very small construction gaps, openings in foundations, behind siding, and on the roof line in many areas as small as the eraser on a pencil.

We can't guarantee that a customer never has another mouse in their home due to many factors. Homes settle, homes age, and homes always will have maintenance issues.

There are many ways people get rid of mice. This is the American Animal Control way:

We offer mouse bait stations outdoors. Our focus is primarily mouse entry prevention. We must locate and close up all possible entrance points to stop mice from entering. Once mice are in the home or business the best way to remove them is traps. Trapping mice is very time consuming and labor intensive. This type of mouse removal program ensures our customers they usually will not experience the smell of dead mice rotting in the walls, floors, attics or crawlspaces. The problem with poisons indoors is you never know where the dead mouse will end up or how long it will smell once it has died?

Our American Animal Control mouse removal professionals locate and seal up all possible mouse entrance points and optionally provide our customers with an ongoing mouse trapping monthly service that assure our customers if and when a mouse or mice show up they will be trapped and removed in a timely fashion.


mouse removal and extermination

American Animal Control offers a complete comprehensive mouse entry prevention and mouse trapping service consisting of 4 steps.

  1. Step #1 Mouse entry inspection. Locate all possible entry points. Mice most generally enter at the foundation level. Screens in foundation vents can easily be damaged and ripped open. Construction gaps at the time a home or structure built provide entry for mice. Many of our clients who have new or newer homes will have mouse problems. Many contractors build with the main objective to keep weather out and overlook the small openings that allow mice to enter. Many homes have not been properly maintained or are aging and are needing a little TLC. Inside corners, outside corners, brick molding, soffits, eaves, and roof vents, are all possible entrance points for mice.
  2. Step #2 Mouse entry point closeup. Close up all possible entrance points from top to bottom on entire structure. Closing up all possible mouse entrance points sometimes can be very difficult. A trained eye is very important to effectively prevent mice from entering. From sealing, screening, and mortaring various entrance points to sometimes replacing rotten wood on soffits and roof edges. Many homes its a simple fix, others require lots of time consuming work to get shut down. This is why most people go for the "quick fix" of poisons and battle mice forever.
  3. Step #3 Mouse Extermination - Trapping and removal for existing mice. Once the mouse entry has been properly performed. Traps should are set in crawlspaces, attics, basements, and garages to remove any mice that may still be in the home or commercial building. This can be a long process and requires many visits back and forth to a customer's property. Weekly visits at first, then monthly check ups are required to assure all mice have been trapped and removed.
  4. Step #4 Maintenance plan. Once the mouse entry exclusion has been preformed and all mice have been trapped and removed. A quarterly maintenance service is highly recommended. After all the hard work of making your home "mouse free" has been done, why take the chance of ever going through this procedure again? Houses and buildings always have maintenance issues and should be inspected regularly to ensure that no new mouse entry points have become available.


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Dead mice in the walls

American Animal Control LLC has serviced thousands of customers homes over the years for many different animal control issues. Almost all have had mouse problems. Our trained service technicians will provided you with the most extensive mouse entry inspection available. Our #1 priority is to solve your mouse problem and stay on top of any future mouse problems that may arise. If your tired of just poisoning mice and are ready to get to the source of your mouse infestation, give us a call. We truly want to help. You don't have to live with mice! Call on American Animal Control for Mouse Extermination.

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