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American Animal Control® LLC is Indiana & Southern Michigan's most recommended bat removal specialist. If you have bats flying in your house, bats in your attic, bats in your basement, or bats in your walls. American Animal Control® LLC’s licensed professional bat removal service technicians can not only remove all visible bats, but also locate all entrance points and provide you with the most extensive and humane bat exclusion system available. American Animal Control® LLC can locate all primary and secondary entrance points, install check valves, repair all possible entrance points, remove all bat guano, droppings and contaminated waste on attic insulation. We can also work with your insurance company on the repair and restoration of your attic and attic remediation coverage.

If you are having problems with bats in your house, bats in your attic, or bats scratching in your walls, you're not alone. Thousands of home owners find bats in their houses each year. Bats most of the time will generally enter a house from a construction opening on the roof of the house. American Animal Control LLC receives hundreds of calls each year from homeowners that have bats in the house.

Bats living in the attic of a house are very temperature sensitive and when the attic of a house becomes really hot, or really cold bats will push down the walls. Many times the bats will find a little opening inside the house to take flight out of. Most customers that call with a bat flying in the house will assume that the bat came down the chimney and then into the house. In all the years our licensed bat removal specialists have removed bats in the house, very rarely do we find that the bats in the house actually entered from the chimney. There are several occasions when we have found that once a bat is in the house it will gravitate to the fireplace because it will feel a draft that is pulling air from the house and up the chimney. Almost always bats that are in the house have entered through the attic.  We receive calls from homeowners that have only ever had one bat in the house, and others that have had bats in the house for many years. If you have bats in your house don't let the problem go on for years! There are many health issues related to having bats in the house. One is histoplasmosis. This is a fungus that can get into your lungs from the bat guano in the attic or walls.

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If bat guano is found in the house, whether in the attic or in the walls of the house, and there is significant amounts it should be removed. Most homeowners insurance companies will cover the removal of bat guano in the house. We have been in attics of houses that have hundreds of bats that have built large bat colonies in the house. Other times we are called by customers that have only one bat hanging on the wall in the house. They will tell us this is the only bat they have had in the house in all the years they have lived in the house. After a bat entry inspection and bat colony evaluation no other signs of bats in the house are found. Other times our customers with a single bat in the house have just been fortunate that they have not experienced more bats flying in the house because our bat specialists will find large bat colonies living in the attics and walls that have obviously been living in the house for years. ©American Animal Control, LLC provides professional bat removal, bat exclusion, and bat guano removal from your house. Call us for fast and professional bat removal if you are experiencing a bat problem or have bats flying in your house.

Bats and bat guano or dropping should be handled with great caution. Bats can carry rabies as well as other diseases. Bat guano or dropping are known to cause Histoplasmosis. DO NOT HANDLE BATS OR BAT GUANO WITHOUT PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT.

If you are experiencing bats in your home, bats in your office, or bats in your business, do not hesitate to call American Animal Control® LLC for fast PROFESSIONAL BAT REMOVAL


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Indiana brown bats may get White-nose Syndrome, it is hurting the bat population. If you see a sick or dead bat, please report it. Learn more about bat diseases in Indiana bat populations.

Although Indiana bats are often mistreated and misunderstood, these mammals are beneficial and important components of the Indianapolis ecosystem They also eat many night-flying insects, including mosquitoes.

Despite the many benefits little brown bats provide, people should avoid contact with them and should not handle them. Bats can carry rabies. Dogs and cats can encounter bats, especially bats that are sick or injured, and should therefore be vaccinated against rabies. Even if a bat appears to be healthy when found, they should not be handled because they very well could be carrying rabies. Some of our bat removal clients find bats in homes to be very frightening and panic when they come in close contact with these bats. Always use extreme caution and do not handle any bats. Call a bat removal specialist at American Animal Control, LLC.


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The Indiana Bat is a medium-sized, dull gray bat, sometimes appears to be more brown with black wings. The length of its head and body ranges from 1.5 to 2 inches, and the animal weighs about 1/4 of an ounce. Most customers who find  bats, will find it very difficult to distinguish from their cousins unless examined closely. The size of the feet and the length of the toe hairs are characteristics used to differentiate the Indiana bat from other bats. Bats live an average of five to 10 years, but some have reached 14 years of age.


The Indiana bat spends summer months living throughout the eastern United States. During winter, they cluster together and hibernate down south caves, as well as the attics and walls of some homes in. Some say that in the past 25 years, the population of bats has declined by about 50 percent. As a result, this bat has been classified as an endangered species by the United States government. American Animal Control has experienced a huge increase in the number of bat removal calls in the Indiana & Southern Michigan and Northwestern Ohio areas. Sometimes finding hundreds of bats in the attic and lots of bat guano the needs to be removed from the attics. Based on a 1985 census of hibernating bats, the Indiana bat population is estimated at about 244,000. About 23 percent of these bats hibernate in caves in Indiana. Some Indiana bats dwell in caves only during the winter; however, there are few caves that provide the conditions necessary for hibernation. Stable, low temperatures are required to allow the bats to reduce their metabolic rate and conserve fat reserves. That’s is why American Animal Control bat removal professionals are getting many calls where bats have been found in basements through the winter months. These bats will move down the wall cavities trying to locate a comfortable temperature for hibernation. When spring arrives bats will start awakening and take flight in basements of homes. These bats hibernate in large, tight clusters which can sometimes contain hundreds of bats..


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In springtime, bats emerge from hibernation and migrate to their summer homes many times back up the walls and into the attics. This is where the bats will roost and come and go for food through openings in the eaves and soffits on the roof line of your home. 
Because they separate into smaller social units, little is known about summer habitat requirements other than when the attics become very hot in the summer and they sometimes start pushing down the wall cavities to find cooler temperatures, and that is when we start getting customer calls of bats flying in the house. Female bats sometimes can form maternity colonies of up to 100 bats during the summer. That could mean for a lot of bats in the attics.


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Indiana bats give birth to usually only one young bat in midsummer. These young bats are capable of flight in a month or so. The remainder of the summer and fall is then spent accumulating fat reserves for hibernation. 
In the fall, bats congregate in attics and roof areas. and begin a swarming period. During this time, the bats will fly in and out of the attics throughout the night. Mating occurs during swarming period, however; females store the sperm during hibernation and do not become pregnant until spring.


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Bats feed entirely on night flying insects, and a colony of bats can consume thousands of insects each night. A gray bat (an endangered species) will eat up to 3,000 insects per feeding. Bats locate these insects by emitting high-pitched sounds and waiting for the echo, which allows them to zoom in on the bug’s location. The fat reserves accumulated by devouring these large quantities of insects during the summer and fall allow the bat to sustain itself during hibernation.

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Bats are subject to natural hazards during hibernation.The clusters of hibernating bats are very susceptible to disturbances. Activity in the area of the clusters, such as remodeling of home, or attics can disturb bats and cause them to awaken. When a bat is aroused, it uses energy at a higher rate, which decreases the energy supply available for the rest of the winter. Sometimes customers will find a dead bat in their basement. Some people will knock down and kill large clusters of bats, and although illegal, some people shoot bats for entertainment also. Because bats feed on insects, the increased use of pesticides has undoubtedly resulted in the poisoning of some of these bat colonies. Also, the clearing of woods and forests has caused a decline in the summer habitat of the Indiana bats, thus driving more bats into homes.


The best way to handle a bat problem that may be occurring in your home is to call the bat removal specialists at American Animal Control, LLC. Because bats are misunderstood, perhaps the best conservation effort is to inform our customers about how these bats in your attic can be humanely removed.

Please feel free to call us at American Animal Control, LLC if you are experiencing bats in your attic, or bats that might be in your Indiana, Southern Michigan, or Northwestern Ohio home. Call Now! We can help. Follow our bat removals on Facebook.

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