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Thank you for considering American Animal Control for your wildlife control & animal removal Valparaiso. We truly care about serving you and providing the residents of the Valparaiso area with the most professional and innovative techniques for animal control and wildlife removal in and near the city of Valparaiso.

From start to finish our Animal Removal Valparaiso team starts with a comprehensive inspection. We locate all animal entrance points, do animal exclusion, entrance closeup, and animal damage repair. We also do animal waste remediation and attic insulation removal. Customer satisfaction, and our reputation in solving your wildlife removal conflict is our #1 concern for everyone in the Valparaiso area.

Animal Removal Valparaiso, for all your bat, raccoon, and squirrel removal, or any other animal control or wildlife problem you may encounter in your home or business located in or near Valparaiso. Our animal removal Valparaiso licensed and insured technicians will serve you with great care and knowledge. We have 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Professional Bat Removal Services we Offer for Valparaiso:

Professional Bat Removal Valparaiso

  • Bat removal in Valparaiso
  • Bat service for Valparaiso
  • Eliminate bat problems in Valparaiso
  • Bat removal and exclusion Valparaiso
  • Remove bats in attic Valparaiso
  • Bat guano removal from attic Valparaiso
  • Professional bat removal Valparaiso
  • Get bats out of house near Valparaiso
  • Bat control for Valparaiso
  • Bat prevention and bat pest control in Valparaiso
  • Bat removal specialist in Valparaiso
  • Commercial bat removal and bat management Valparaiso
  • Remove attic insulation that is contaminated.

Professional Raccoon Removal Services we Offer for Valparaiso:

Professional Raccoon Removal Valparaiso

  • Remove raccoons in attic Valparaiso
  • Raccoons in my chimney Valparaiso
  • Raccoons in roof Valparaiso
  • Get raccoons out of attics and ceilings Valparaiso
  • Eliminate raccoon problems Valparaiso
  • Raccoon in walls Valparaiso
  • Raccoon removal and control near Valparaiso
  • Raccoon removal in and near Valparaiso
  • Raccoon removal for Valparaiso
  • Raccoons digging in yards
  • Clean raccoon droppings and waste out of attics Valparaiso
  • Complete attic restorations for Valparaiso
  • Remove contaminated attic insulation for all of Valparaiso and surrounding areas.

Professional Squirrel Removal Services we Offer for Valparaiso, Indiana:

Squirrel removal Valparaiso service

  • Remove squirrels in attic
  • Valparaiso squirrel removal
  • Get squirrels out of chimney
  • Remove squirrel in wall
  • Remove squirrel scratching in walls
  • Remove squirrel running in soffit
  • Repair squirrel entrance point
  • Remove attic insulation in Valparaiso
  • Get squirrels out of crawlspace
  • Humane squirrel removal in all the Valparaiso and surrounding areas.

Welcome to Animal Removal Valparaiso - Animal Control and Removal

We provide professional wildlife pest removal and animal pest control for all of Valparaiso, Indiana and nearby areas.

We have the following wildlife-pest removal services for all cities in the countyValparaiso Indiana Animal Control

  • Raccoon removal and control Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Bat removal and exclusion Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Squirrel removal and control Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Skunk removal and control Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Ground hog removal and control Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Mole trapping and removal Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Bird removal and prevention Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Chipmunk removal and control Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Dead animal-pest removal Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Dead deer removal Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Fox and coyote trapping and control Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Mice and shrew entry prevention Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Feral cat trapping and removal Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Muskrat trapping and removal Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Beaver control and dam removal Valparaiso, Indiana
  • Snake removal trapping and prevention Valparaiso, Indiana.

American Animal Control ® LLC's number one priority is customer service from start to finish. If you hear noises in your attic, walls or crawl space we identify the species of animal-pest, and the entrance point. Then we remove the animals in a humane and professional manner. Once we are sure the animals are all removed we close up and repair all the damage to prevent it from happening again.

Animal Removal Valparaiso works with your insurance company for animal-pest waste remediation, insulation removal and installation. We do it all. Deck barriers, chimney caps, vent covers and more. When considering any animal-pest removal or control, why not go with the most recommended wildlife-pest control professionals? American Animal Control ® LLC

Most recommended animal-pest control and Animal Removal Valparaiso, Indiana
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Animal Removal Valparaiso: Bat Removal

Animal Removal Valparaiso, Indiana bat removal image

Animal Removal Valparaiso, Indiana bat removal

American Animal Control® LLC’s Valparaiso, Indiana bat removal service and bat specialists of Valparaiso, Indiana provide bat removal and bat exclusion of many bats in all of the Valparaiso, Indiana area.

The most common “bat in the house” call in Valparaiso, Indiana is the “little brown bat”. The little brown bat is sometimes called the little brown myotis, a species of the (mouse-eared) bat. One of the most common of bats located in, near, and around Valparaiso, Indiana. A little brown bat that is found in your attic in the city of Valparaiso, Indiana has dark brown fur with a little glossy look on its back. On the underneath side it is slightly lighter in color and is a little grayish in the belly area. Little brown bats that live in homes and attics in the city of Valparaiso, Indiana and surrounding areas have a typical wingspan of 8-11 inches. They appear dark brown and almost look black from a distance. Valparaiso, Indiana little brown bats have 38 teeth and primarily eat insects.

Most Valparaiso, Indiana residents that have bat problems, or have bats flying in the house, do not know the difference between the Indiana Brown Bat and the Little Brown Bat. The little brown bat can be distinguished from the Indiana brown bat located in the Valparaiso, Indiana area by the absence of a “keel” or caclar and long hairs on the hind feet that stretch longer than the toes. The little brown bats that are found in Valparaiso, Indiana homes hanging on walls or curtains are found not only in Valparaiso, Indiana but much of North America. Little brown bats can be seen roosting in attics of Valparaiso, Indiana homes, including, bats in eaves, bat in soffits, and bats in porch overhangs. Sometimes bats in the house in Valparaiso, Indiana can be heard or found inside walls or wall cavities. Brown bats frequently build bat colonies of hundreds. If you see bats flying in or around your roof or roof line in the Valparaiso, Indiana area, you could have a bat problem.

Bat problems exist as bats build colonies and leave guano or (bat droppings) in attics of Valparaiso, Indiana homes. These droppings can cause histoplasmosis. American Animal Control ® LLC licensed and insured bat specialists provide you or your commercial business with a professional guano removal service. We do attic restoration from bat contamination, in all of the Valparaiso, Indiana and surrounding areas. American Animal Control ® LLC of Valparaiso, Indiana provides bat removal, exclusion, management, bat control for all home owners and commercial businesses. So if you live in the city of Valparaiso, Indiana or a city near Valparaiso, Indiana, and you have a bat problem, or think you might, please consider American Animal Control ® LLC for a bat entrance inspection and a professional bat removal solution.

Animal Removal Valparaiso: Raccoon Removal

Animal Removal Valparaiso raccoon removal

Animal Removal Valparaiso raccoon removal

American Animal Control ® LLC offers the most innovative raccoon removal and control techniques in all of Valparaiso, Indiana. We have over 50 years of combined experience in raccoon removal, raccoon control, & raccoon trapping. Also, we have the ability to solve raccoon problems and conflicts for home owners in Valparaiso, Indiana.

Most raccoons in Valparaiso, Indiana move in low light conditions. At night, while you are sleeping, these masked bandits begin to seek out what kind havoc they can. Mostly looking for food, raccoons in Valparaiso, Indiana will eat almost anything, including worms, grubs, insects, fish, birds, frogs, eggs, mice, moles, rats, and even rabbits. American Animal Control ® LLC’s licensed professional raccoon specialists receive hundreds of nuisance raccoon calls each year. These calls vary from: raccoons in dumpsters, raccoons in garbage cans, raccoons in houses, raccoons digging in yards, raccoons climbing on bird feeders, raccoons in chimneys, and also raccoons in attics.

Most raccoons in Valparaiso, Indiana like to build their dens up high in holes in trees. More and more these nuisance raccoons are making their dens in attics of homes. We remove raccoons from chimneys, raccoons in crawl spaces, raccoons in basements, raccoons under decks, raccoons in and under sheds, and raccoons in soffits. Raccoons are notorious for digging holes in roofs, ripping open soffits, and causing damage to insulation in attics.

Raccoons generally start breeding in December all the way through January and February. Averaging 3-6 cubs per liter these young raccoons may sometimes even breed the same year they are born. It is not uncommon that raccoons will return back to the attics or chimneys they were born in. Most raccoons have their young in the spring. This is when most home owners will start hearing noises in attics, noises in walls, and noises in the crawl space. Even though raccoons appear to be “cute” and “playful”, when cornered, they are very aggressive. Raccoons are very strong, quick, and have sharp bone crushing teeth. Raccoons can carry round worm, as well as many other diseases.

American Animal Control ® LLC’s wildlife-pest removal professionals provide you with the most extensive home inspection for raccoons and raccoon damage available. We will locate all possible raccoon entrance points and raccoon damage. We even work with your insurance company for coverage on contaminated attic insulation removal, and a full attic restoration, if necessary.

American Animal Control ® LLC’s wildlife-pest removal specialists do not like to use open baited cages if at all possible. We do not like to lure in non-target animals such as skunks, opossums, and feral cats. We provide the most humane animal-pest removal techniques in the industry. American Animal Control ® LLC offers the repairs for most damage from raccoons, and a complete raccoon exclusion to prevent future issues. If you have raccoon problems and need professional assistance in removing them from your attic, or chimney, please consider the most recommended Animal Removal Valparaiso, Indiana service, American Animal Control ® LLC.

Animal Removal Valparaiso: Squirrel Removal

Animal Removal Valparaiso squirrel removal

Animal Removal Valparaiso squirrel removal

American Animal Control ® LLCs squirrel removal service of Valparaiso, Indiana provides professional squirrel removal, squirrel exclusion, squirrel trapping, squirrel control and squirrel proofing for all of the Valparaiso, Indiana area. Fox squirrels, gray squirrels, flying squirrels, pine squirrels or red squirrels in Valparaiso, Indiana enter homes almost daily.

Our customers in Valparaiso, Indiana call us to remove squirrels in their attics, remove squirrels in the roof, remove squirrels from chimneys, remove squirrels running in soffits, and remove squirrels from their crawl space and basements. Our Valparaiso, Indiana squirrel removal service provides home owners in Valparaiso, Indiana with the most innovated squirrel removal, squirrel control, and squirrel prevention service available. Most squirrels average 1-2 litters per year, with 3-5 per litter. Born hairless squirrels have a very high mortality rate. They are also very susceptible to predators. Most of the squirrels that American Animal Control ® LLC’s licensed wildlife removal professionals in Valparaiso, Indiana remove enter the home from the roof. Once squirrels enter in your home they can move freely almost anywhere in the house.

American Animal Control ® LLC’s squirrel removal service for our customers in Valparaiso, Indiana consist of a complete top to bottom inspection. We look for all possible squirrel entrance points. Once we locate the main entrance point and any secondary entrance points for squirrels, we will set up traps to remove the squirrels from your home. Once all the squirrels are removed, we can repair all damage at squirrel entrance points and clean your attic or crawl space from squirrel droppings or contamination, if necessary. If you are located in or near Valparaiso, Indiana and are having problems with squirrels entering your home or squirrels in your attic, call us at American Animal Control ® LLC, Valparaiso, Indiana’s most recommended squirrel removal and squirrel control specialists. Customer service is our number one priority. Let American Animal Control ® LLC provide you the most recommended Animal Removal Valparaiso service available.

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