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American Animal Control, LLC has provided professional wildlife removal services for 20+ years. Our primary focus is to prevent all wild animals like rodents from entering homes. Exclusion service is the #1 key to prevention keeping wildlife out of homes and structures,  but wildlife such as mice and rats may chew a new entrance point and re-enter the home and or structure very quickly.

Rodent Damage

Mice and rats chew siding, plastic vents & wires, urinate in closets and kitchen drawers, and leave feces everywhere. Many times mice and rats will contaminate insulation in attics and walls, ripping holes in ventilation ducts and building nests in crawlspaces.

Mice and rats can infest a home in no time at all. Mice and rats are very similar. The gestation period for a mouse is about 19–21 days, and they give birth to a litter of 3–14 young (average six to eight). One female can have 5 to 10 litters per year, so mouse populations can increase very quickly. Breeding occurs all throughout the year.

Rodent Prevention is the Key

A proactive prevention program for mouse and rat entry is better than a reoccurring infestation from mice and rats.

Rodent bait stations are the proactive solution to controlling mice and rats from hanging around outside the structure.  It is NOT a guarantee mice and rats will not attempt to chew a new entry point, but it can surely keep rodent populations under control.

Our rodent bait stations are safe. Tamper-resistant bait stations help keep bait away from children, pets, and non-target species. Due to their heavy duty construction, our rodent bait stations last years. Rodent bait stations accommodate both rats and mice.

Seasonal Rodent Control & Prevention Program

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Quarterly Rodent Control Programs

Quarterly programs are recommended. Rodent bait stations need to be checked and baited quarterly to ensure that bait is fresh and the stations are working properly. This is crucial because some rodents will build a tolerance to one bait, and a “change up” in bait is necessary to remain effective.  Also click here to read about our poison-free rodent control options.

Quarterly rodent bait stations combined with a top to bottom exclusion provide our customers with the peace of mind that they are taking preventative measures in stopping mice and rats from infesting their property. NO CONTRACTS. No contracts to sign or to worry about. Our data bank notifies us every 3 months that it's time for your bait stations to be serviced. Your route technician calls you to let you know what day he will be coming by to service rodent bait boxes. While there, your technician does a walk around inspecting for activity from mouse and rats. Any time there is a concern of a problem or something that may need addressed, your service technician will notify you.

The team at American Animal Control, LLC is dedicated to providing our customers with total rodent prevention and ongoing service that surpasses expectations. We look forward to serving you and protecting your property from all types of rodent infestations.

Thank you, Tony Siri, CEO, AAC

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A rat like this could be lurking just behind your wall.