Pest Control - Pest Exterminating - Pest Removal

dead-animals-in-walls-pest-exterminatingMany people will call us with some type of pest control problem everyday. Some customers may need pest control, some need pest exterminating, and some may need pest removal. Most people do not understand the differences of the three. ® American Animal Control, LLC does NOT handle insects, spiders, bees, or termites. We are wildlife removal specialists. Our hopes on this page is to help our customers identify their pest problem and what type of pest control service they may need. Our pest control and removal services technicians remove thousands of unwanted pests from homes and business each year. There are many types of pest that we handle and how each pest is handled depends a lot on what type of pest we are called to remove or control.

Pest Control Service

®American Animal Control, LLC only removes nuisance animals or nuisance "pest" from homes or business. These pest include, but are not limited to, bats in attics, raccoons in attics or chimneys, squirrels in walls, moles in yards, groundhogs under decks, and skunks living under sheds. We control birds, rats, snakes, and many other species of pests. The term "pest control" includes pest removal and pest exterminating services most of the time. To control pest means to keep them at bay. Many types of pest you can only remove from the property, but you can't guarantee other pest will not show up at some other time. Pest control really means what it says, to just control the situation, but not prevent. Do to many factors you can't always tell a customer that they won't have another pest return at a later date. An example would be a pest like a ground mole. We can trap and remove ground moles from a property, but we cannot stop another pesky mole from coming three blocks down the road from the neighbor's. This type of pest problem is only a pest control service. Controlling the immediate pest control problem by removing the pest from the property.

Pest Removal Service

mole control-mole trapping- indianapolis-pestPest removal is something we provide for most of our customers. We will typically receive a pest control call with an animal in a house or building that the customer as either heard or seen. Many pest problems begin with the customer hearing noises in the attic.

Our licensed pest control service technicians will identify the pest problem, set up traps to trap and remove the pest from the property, then secure the entrance points so you don't have another pest problem. With Pest Removal vs. Pest Control we can prevent additional pest from entering the home by repairing the damage and excluding other pest from future entry at the repair point. Pest removal services involve removing all nuisance pest from the home or property and stopping the other pest from getting in.

Pest Exterminating Services

mouse and rate removal pest controlPest exterminating service primarily is used by pest control companies that work with insects, spiders, bees, termites, and even mice. Pest exterminating services will mostly use poisons to kill the pest. Pest bait stations, pest insect killers,via sprays or a type of granular pest poison. Many times pest exterminating will just be the use of poisons to eliminate through killing the immediate pest problem. Pest exterminating or pest exterminations do not generally trap and remove animal type pests from homes or business. However some pest exterminating services will frequently use pest glue boards or small pest traps for mice or rats.

®American Animal Control, LLC provides professional wildlife control or primarily pest removal services.  Many nuisance animals maybe called or considered pest, or "pest control". But our services are much different from what most pest control, or pest exterminating services offer.  WE DO NOT USE POISONS ON PESTS. It is illegal to poison most wildlife pests. Many times the use of poisons for some pest may be consumed by non target pests or animals. Our wildlife removal service removes and excludes nuisance animals and pests. But we also provide damage repair, entrance closeups, and attic cleaning services that may need to be done to remove animal waste and contamination from a pest problem.

If you are in need of a pest control service and you have a larger pest problem like a raccoon in your chimney, bats in your attic, or a groundhog under your deck or shed. You need a pest control company that provides animal control and wildlife removal services. Call us at American Animal Control, LLC we can help. 877-264-3638