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Animal Removal Service for Crown Point, IN

American Animal Control ®, LLC offers a variety of services in Crown Point Indiana, including
  • Animal Removal
    • Raccoon Removal
    • Squirrel Removal
    • Bat Removal
    • Mouse Removal
  • Animal Prevention Services
    • Mouse Prevention
    • Animal Damage Repair
    • Attic Cleanout Guano / Feces / Contaminated insulation removal

Thank you for considering American Animal Control for your wildlife control & animal removal in Crown Point. We truly care about serving you and providing the residents of the Crown Point area with the most professional and innovative techniques for animal control and wildlife removal in and near the city of Crown Point. Upon arrival, our wildlife control experts start with a comprehensive inspection. We locate all animal entrance points, do animal exclusion, entrance closeup, and animal damage repair. We also do animal waste remediation and attic insulation removal. Customer satisfaction, and our reputation in solving your wildlife removal conflict is our #1 concern for everyone in the Crown Point area.

Animal Removal in Crown Point, for all your bat, raccoon, and squirrel removal, or any other animal control or wildlife problem you may encounter in your home or business located in or near Crown Point. Our licensed and insured technicians will serve you with great care and knowledge. We have 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

American Animal Control ® LLC's number one priority is customer service from start to finish. If you hear noises in your attic, walls or crawl space we identify the species of animal-pest, and the entrance point. Then we remove the animals in a humane and professional manner. Once we are sure the animals are all removed we close up and repair all the damage to prevent it from happening again.

Animal Removal Crown Point works with your insurance company for animal-pest waste remediation, insulation removal and installation. We do it all. Deck barriers, chimney caps, vent covers and more. When considering any animal-pest removal or control, why not go with the most recommended wildlife-pest control professionals? American Animal Control ® LLC

® American Animal Control, LLC provides professional animal removal services. If you are in need of animal removal call 877-264-3638.

Our Crown Point Wildlife and wild animal removal services include:

Remove Animals in the attic

animal removal service in Crown Point bats in the atticOur licensed animal removal specialists in Crown Point provide removal of many species of animals in attics. Animals such as raccoons in the attic, squirrels in the attics, mice in the attic, as well as birds and bats in the attic. Animals in the attic will enter through louvre vents, roof vents, soffits, fascia, and some animals we remove from attics will just rip a hole right through a roof. If you have animals in your your attic you be hearing noises in the attic.

Remove Animals in the walls

Animal removal service in Crown Point pest controlRemoval of animals in the walls can vary from mice to raccoons. Many Crown Point homeowners will here scratching or "thumping" noises when animals are in the walls. Animals that are in the wall can enter from the crawlspace or basement. Some animals in the walls will come down from the attic. Many customers will think the animal maybe stuck in the wall. Most animals can go up and down walls very easily. Once inside a wall a animal can destroy the insulation and may even chew wires. During the spring time the most common animal we remove from walls is raccoon babies. A female raccoon will make her nest in the wall and give birth to her young. Other animals such as squirrels will also build a nest inside a wall. In the winter months as the attic temperatures drop. Mice will push down the walls and many homeowners will hear animal noises in the wall. If you are hearing scratching animal noises in your walls call us right away. 877-264-3638.

Remove Animals in the crawlspace

Animal removal in Crown Point pest control and removalAnimals in the crawlspace can be mice, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, skunks, groundhog, and even feral cats. ®American Animal Control, LLC animal removal specialists remove hundreds of animals from crawlspaces each year. Most animals will enter the crawlspace through a foundation vent, a crawlspace access door or hatch that was not secured. Sometimes animals will enter the crawlspace by digging under the foundation footer and entering into the crawlspace. Once in the crawlspace animals can cause thousands of dollars of damage. Ripping down insulation, chewing wiring, and even getting into heat ducts. Recently we removed raccoons from a crawlspace that had ripped open the HVAC ducts entered into the furnace. The damage to the furnace and the animal waste inside the ducts costs the homeowner thousands to replace. If you are hearing noises or animal sounds in your crawlspace call the animal removal professionals at ®American Animal Control, LLC to trap and remove the animals from your crawlspace and provide you with an animal entry exclusion to prevent re-occurrence of animals in the crawlspace.

Trap or Remove Animals under the Shed and Deck.

Animal removal in Crown Point raccoon under deckAnimals living under the sheds and decks is not uncommon. Animals such as raccoons, opossums, skunks, and groundhogs will frequently make their homes under sheds and decks. Sheds and decks provide a excellent den site for many animals. Many homeowners do not understand what kind of damage a animals can do that are living under a shed or deck. Groundhogs will quite often enter under a deck and then begin to burrow a create a den site along the foundation. Digging sometime very deep, this can create a bat situation for your foundation, and can be sometimes very serious. Also, animals under your shed or deck can leave "liter boxes". Large amounts of animal feces under sheds and decks can cause several health concerns. If you are seeing animals going under your shed or deck, or are suspicious that you may have a animals living under your shed or deck, call us right away to trap the animals before any animal damage is done. We also can provide you with animal entry prevention and stop animals living under your shed or deck. Check out our shed and deck barriers.

Remove Dead Animals in Crown Point

Dead animal removal service in Crown Point pest control®American Animal Control, LLC removes dead animals in attics, remove dead animals in walls, remove dead animals under sheds and decks. We also remove dead animals in yards and ponds. Dead animal removal is not the most exciting animal removal service we offer, but a service that many of our customers are grateful for. Removing sick or dead animals in yards of homeowners is very common. Animals with deceases will often be found dead in our customers yards. It is very important that these animals are removed and disposed of in a proper manner. Dead deer that have been hit and crawled or may have ended up in a yard also need removed and reported to DNR.

Attic Cleaning Service in Crown Point

Attic cleaning service in Crown Point attic insulation removalAttic Insulation Removal Animal Waste Remediation, and damage repair.

Call 877-264-3638 in the Crown Point area for removal of animal waste in attic, animal feces in attic, and professional attic insulation removal, and attic restoration from animal damage such as bats in the attic, raccoons in the attic, and bird nest removal. Attic insulation removal specialists. ®American Animal Control, LLC of the greater Crown Point area has restored hundreds of attics do to animal damage. Animals in attics can destroy your attic insulation, HVAC ducts, and even create huge fecal waste piles that can eventually fall through your ceilings. Our Crown Point attic cleaning and attic restoration service is second to none. Fast and Professional complete attic cleaning in most cases can be done in one day with our Crown Point attic cleaning professionals. From start to finish we remove contaminated attic insulation, including rolled fiberglass insulation, fiberglass batting, blown in cellulose insulation, blown in fiberglass insulation, and even old types of insulation such as "rock wool".

Many Crown Point area homeowners who may have had bats in the attic or raccoons in the attic, or may even just want their old insulation removed from the attic, we can help. Animal feces in attic insulation from bats, raccoons, mice, and even birds can have very serious health concerns. Our Crown Point attic insulation and attic cleaning professionals will remove all contaminated attic insulation, animal waste and feces, repair any attic HVAC ducts. After all the attic insulation is removed our team of Crown Point attic cleaning professionals will apply a anti-microbial and deodorizer. Then we will re-install new attic insulation to your desired R-value and thickness.

If you have a need for attic insulation removal or attic cleaning and want it done fast and professional, why not call the greater Crown Point areas most experienced attic insulation cleaners at ®American Animal Control, LLC of Crown Point. 877-264-3638

Wildlife & pest removal services for the Crown Point area:

Animal removal for Raccoons in Crown Point

Raccoon removal and control Crown Point, IN - American Animal Control ® LLC offers the most innovative raccoon removal and control techniques in all of Crown Point, IN. We have over 50 years of combined experience in raccoon removal, raccoon control, & raccoon trapping. Also, we have the ability to solve raccoon problems and conflicts for home owners in Crown Point, IN.

Animal removal for Bats and bat colonies in Crown Point

Bat removal and exclusion Crown Point, IN - American Animal Control ® LLC of Crown Point, IN provides bat removal, exclusion, management, bat control for all home owners and commercial businesses. So if you live in the city of Crown Point, IN or a city near Crown Point, IN, and you have a bat problem, or think you might, please consider American Animal Control ® LLC for a bat entrance inspection and a professional bat removal solution.

Animal removal for Squirrels in Crown Point

Squirrel removal and control Crown Point, IN - American Animal Control ® LLC's squirrel removal service for our customers in Crown Point, IN consist of a complete top to bottom inspection. We look for all possible squirrel entrance points. Once we locate the main entrance point and any secondary entrance points for squirrels, we will set up traps to remove the squirrels from your home. Once all the squirrels are removed, we can repair all damage at squirrel entrance points and clean your attic or crawl space from squirrel droppings or contamination, if necessary.

Animal removal for Skunks in Crown Point

Skunk removal and control Crown Point, IN - It sure stinks when you have skunk problems. We remove skunk from yards, under decks and sheds. If you have a skunk on your property, we will remove it and get that smelly beast far away. Often skunks will den up under a deck or shed to have its young. We install shed and deck barriers to combat skunk infestation.

Animal removal for Groundhogs in Crown Point

Ground hog removal and control Crown Point, IN - Ground hogs or woodchucks are annoying pests that dig holes for their dens. Often they choose right next to a building or foundation. American Animal Control®, LLC removes ground hogs daily and installs barrier systems to make it unlikely a groundhog will find your foundation suitable for its next den.

Animal removal and trapping for Moles in Crown Point

Mole trapping and removal Crown Point, IN - Professional Mole Exterminator - Moles ruin yards. We ruin moles. American Animal Control offers season-long mole extermination service. There is no good way to prevent all moles, but rest assured, we can quickly remove moles from yards and flower beds. They will never know what hit them! (We don't use poisons because you never know what else may ingest a poison.)

Animal removal for Birds and nests in Crown Point

Bird removal and prevention Crown Point, IN - Bird removal services could include geese/ducks in yards, pigeons roosting on buildings, and many other types of bird removal. Nuisance birds poop everywhere and can destroy property. In Crown Point, call American Animal Control for proper bird removal and bird control service.

Animal removal for Chipmunks in Crown Point

Chipmunk removal and control Crown Point, IN - Chipmunks are small rodents that seem to get into the tiniest places and make a lot of noise. Chipmunk removal from flower beds, around foundations and chipmunks under decks is a priority for many of our Crown Point clients.

Animal removal for Dead Animals in Crown Point

Dead animal-pest removal Crown Point, IN - If you have a dead animal on your property, in your walls, attic or basement, call us for immediate service. We can remove any dead animal and repair damages caused by them.

Animal removal for Dead Deer in Crown Point

Dead deer removal Crown Point, IN - When a deer dies on your property it can be a big mess, especially if a dead deer has been there for some time. Call us for Crown Point Dead Deer removal services.

Animal removal for Foxes and Coyotes in Crown Point

Fox and coyote trapping and control Crown Point, IN - If you are on the outskirts of Crown Point, you may have problems with coyotes or foxes eating small animals like chickens or even small pets. We offer effective fox and coyote control for all of the Crown Point region.

Animal removal for Mice and Shrews in Crown Point

Mice and shrew entry prevention Crown Point, IN - Mouse and shrew entry can be prevented. American Animal Control®, LLC will exclude small rodents from entering Crown Point homes, and remove mice from inside as well. Preventing mice is essential to combat their entry.

Animal removal for Feral and Wild or Stray Cats in Crown Point

Feral cat trapping and removal Crown Point, IN - Feral or wild cats are a nuisance animal that must be removed from Crown Point homes. Call us today if you have a problem with feral cats.

Animal removal for Muskrats in Crown Point

Muskrat trapping and removal Crown Point, IN - Muskrats can damage waterfront property and ruin bank lines and retaining walls. Call us for muskrat trapping service in Crown Point.

Animal removal for Beavers and Beaver dam removal in Crown Point

Beaver control and dam removal Crown Point, IN - Effective beaver control in Crown Point is a call or click away. Don't let beavers ruin your yard or cut down your riverside trees.

Animal removal for Snakes in Crown Point

Snake removal trapping and prevention Crown Point, IN - Sometimes if you have a mouse problem, that will lead to a snake problem. Snakes are often found in crawlspaces and attics. It is amazing how often snakes enter a home. Call us for effective snake removal service in Crown Point.

If you are in need of Animal Removal Services, ®American Animal Control, LLC animal removal specialists are licensed and insured and provide fast professional animal removal. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Give us a call at 877-264-3638