Home Inspections - Wildlife Entry and Animal Damage Home Inspections.

home inspection animal damage repair®American Animal Control, LLC is one of the most referred Wildlife Removal and Animal Damage Services in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.


Our state licensed wildlife entry and animal damage technicians provide top to bottom inside and out home inspections for wildlife and animal damage to homes daily.  Unlike most home inspectors, our highly trained and licensed specialists look for locations on homes that wildlife and animals may be entering; Mice, bats, birds, raccoons, squirrels, groundhogs, shrews, voles and many more. We find tens of thousands of dollars in animal damage to homes every year. Most home inspectors look for general construction, electrical, plumbing, and heating issues. Our animal removal and damage professionals will find signs of current animal issues as well as identify animal and wildlife issues your home may have had in the past.

Our team of animal damage and wildlife entry home inspectors frequently get called in AFTER a new home buyer takes possession of their home and wakes up to a mouse running across the floor, a bat flying in their bedroom in the middle of the night, scratching noises in the attic, or a bad smell in a wall.  DON'T WAIT until you move in to find out you are not living in your home alone.

Home inspections for wildlife damage or wildlife entry can save you a lot of grief that may occur after you get settled into your new home. We have worked for homeowners who will tell us "Just get the animals / pests out because we are trying to sell it". We have even experienced homeowners blowing a layer of fresh insulation on top of bat guano or raccoon feces just to try and cover it up. This can cause serious health issues in the future. To the average home inspector and home buyer this looks like the seller just put nice new layer of insulation in the attic. Our highly trained and licensed team of wildlife entry and wildlife damage home inspectors are trained look for these type of issues.

®American Animal Control, LLC team provides to over 2,000 homeowners each year with wildlife removal, animal damage repair and animal waste-attic insulation and contamination removal. Often times before the closing of a home we will get called in to remove animals or animal feces from a home before the closing can be completed. Many home inspectors, home builders, realtors, and even pest control companies do not understand how animals can enter and navigate through a home. This is what we specialize in. Although some animal issues are easily identified, others can go on for years before the issue becomes a serious health or safety concern for the homeowners.  DO NOT BUY A HOME WITHOUT A WILDLIFE ENTRY INSPECTION.

Call now before you make the biggest investment of your life. Don't move into a home without a Wildlife Entry and Animal Damage home inspection.