Gutters are very important and necessary for homes to prevent rain water from pouring off the home causing damage to the siding and helps prevent "wash outs" or ground erosion along the foundation of the home. Gutters, if not properly maintained, can cause serious damage to your home including roof damage, soffit damage, fascia damage and can even lead to animals entering into the home.

®American Animal Control, LLC inspects miles and miles of gutters each year. We are calls on a daily basis to customer's homes who are hearing animals noises in the attic, noises in their ceilings, and even animal noises in their walls. When our licensed animal removal specialists arrive we will often find that the homeowners had not done regular gutter maintenance and the roof edge had deteriorated to the point that animals were able to create a entry point behind the gutters and into the attic of the home.

Gutter Cleaning

Proper gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance is very important and is one of the leading reasons our customers will have animal problems. Gutter cleaning and gutter inspections are a regular service that our licensed specialists provide. Most of the time it is best to clean gutters and inspect the facia, soffit, and roof line of the home once in the spring and then again in the fall once leaves have all fallen from the trees. This is also the time of the year when most animals such as raccoons and squirrels will get into our customers homes.

Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards are used by many customers to try and keep debris from clogging up gutters and backing up water in gutters that may end up causing water damage and deterioration to roof edge. Unfortunately they are not all as effective as they are suppose to be. Our Wildlife Removal Service professionals remove animals almost daily from homes that have gutter guards. The gutter guards have good intentions but the fact is they will clog up too.

The problem with gutter guards is really twofold.

  1. Most customers are not told by the gutter guard installers the that they still will need cleaned.
  2. Because nobody is cleaning their gutter guards, or providing twice a year regular inspections, many times the damage to the roof line, fascia and soffit behind the gutters will become very serious or deteriorated before anyone ever notices. This could end up rotting out the roof and even roof rafters leading to thousands of dollars in damage.

These "weak spots" are magnets for animals to get into the home.

Raccoons will dig in behind gutters, fascia, and weak spots in the roof in the late fall looking for a nice warm shelter for the winter. Once inside the attic of a home, a raccoon can do thousands of dollars in damage to insulation, drywall, and HVAC systems. Many times going without being noticed for months on end. In the spring is when the female raccoons will give birth to their young. These female raccoons will sometimes desperately dig through the weak spots in the fascia and roof edge and behind gutters looking for a den site for her young.
Squirrels, not unlike raccoons, will also find the weak or deteriorated areas behind the gutters to chew open to get into the attics of a home for the winter.

Our team of Wildlife and Animal Removal Professionals will see thousands of dollars of damage to homes each day that could have been simply prevented by regular gutter cleaning and roof edge inspections.

Many homeowners cannot get up on their own roofs to perform proper gutter cleaning twice a year. Others don't have time or proper ladders and ladder safety equipment. Also, most people are not trained in what to look for that is or may become a potential problem due to water backup in gutters or animal entry. Many of our customers just want that peace of mind that a professional is keeping the gutters on their home clean and providing regular gutter and roof line inspections.

Your home is your most valuable investment and gutters are installed on homes to prevent many serious issues from water damage. Rest assure that you can have the worry improper gutter maintenance and regular inspections done by a professional in the industry.

Call us at ®American Animal Control, LLC to get set up on a regular gutter maintenance program.