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®American Animal Control, LLC removes many animals from under foundations of homes and businesses. Animals will often dig under or along the side of the foundation to create an animal den location. Animals digging under the foundation can create a very serious structural problem. Many times it will be groundhogs or woodchucks that will be causing the foundation problem.

First, the animal must be trapped and removed from the property before the foundation can be repaired. Repairing foundations from animal damage can be as simple as plugging a hole with concrete, to a major foundation rebuild. Must of the time if the customer notices the foundation damage from animals digging or trying to enter the foundation early on foundation damage can be limited to a minor foundation repair. Foundation vents are the most common entrance points for animal entry. Most of these foundation vents are made out of very light weight aluminum and bug screen. No challenge for raccoons, squirrels, skunks, and even mice to dig through the foundation vent screen and enter into the foundation or crawl space of the home.

foundation repair service animal damage repairA simple foundation pest guard installation can prevent many types of animals from entering into the foundation. Other types a deterioration such as, old concrete or a rotten bottom sill plate on the foundation will require a major undertaking. Once we received a call for raccoons in the attic. Upon arrival our wildlife removal professionals performed a foundation inspection and found the raccoons had dug through the box sill on the foundation of the home and trashed the crawl space and then went up a wall cavity into the attic and completely destroyed the attic insulation and duct work. The female raccoon then gave birth to baby raccoons in the attic. thousands of dollars in damage that could have been prevented with an annual foundation inspection from our wildlife removal professionals.

foundation repair and inspection service indianaMany times we will remove groundhogs and skunks that have burrowed under the foundation of a commercial building with a concrete slab. This can be very dangerous and can lead to a bad accident. Many factories or storage facilities will run heavy forklifts over these concrete slabs. Groundhogs burrowing under foundations can build a network of tunnels under the concrete slab. When the heavy forklift travels over the top of these tunneled out areas, the concrete can crack and cave in causing the forklift to upset. Doing "walk-arounds" and foundation inspections on a regular basis can help identify these "weak spots" or can catch a problem before it becomes bad enough for a major foundation repair. Our highly trained wildlife removal specialists see many foundation problems daily. We trap and remove animals under foundation on a regular basis. Many home or business owners do not have the expertise to identify the possible foundation problem before a serious situation occurs. ®American Animal Control, LLC can provide you or your business with regular foundation inspections, remove animals burrowing under foundations, and repair any animal damage to your foundation.

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