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Hearing scratching noises in the attic?

We provide Elkhart squirrel removal from attics & walls in all types of buildings. Getting rid of pests from attics and homes is our specialty. Homeowners typically call us to remove squirrels attics, the roof, from chimneys, running in soffits, and from crawl spaces and basements. Our removal service provides homeowners with the most innovative removal, control, and prevention service available. Most squirrels average 1-2 litters per year, with 3-5 per litter. Born hairless, they have a very high mortality rate. They are also very susceptible to predators. Once squirrels enter your home they can move freely almost anywhere throughout the house.

  • Squirrels in the attic
  • Sounds in the chimney
  • Scratching in walls
  • Running in the soffit
  • Entry point repair
  • Removal of attic insulation
  • Animals in the crawlspace
  • Humane removal


Squirrel Trapping and Control Process

Squirrels get in walls, crawl spaces, ceilings, and floors. We get them out of all types of homes and businesses. Squirrel trapping and exclusion services include an inspection of the property where our technicians can spot the sometimes hard to find entry points.  Once the opening into the house is found, a humane trap is often placed directly over that spot.  All animals inside are trapped in this manner.  The final step in this process is the damage repair and exclusion work to ensure no further entry can be made at that location.   American Animal Control ® LLC’s licensed wildlife and squirrel removal professionals will provide an extensive inspection to locate all possible entrance points, set up proper traps to get rid of nuisance squirrels, while avoiding non-target animals from being captured.   After the trapping is complete we will provide a quote/estimate for damage repair and waste removal and cleanup. And will warranty our close up and repairs against future entry. Prevention of animal entry is our biggest concern for our customers. American Animal Control ® LLC will take great care in removing all animals in a humane manner while assuring our customers that new animals will not enter their homes ever again at the entrance points that we repair.  


Professional exclusion and proofing for squirrel damage repairs

  • Starting with a full home inspection, entry holes for wildlife are identified.
  • Repair all openings where, in this case, squirrels are entering and exiting. Save the main entrance/exit point to put a trap over it, and wait for the squirrels to exit the house.
  • Finish closing up all damaged areas on the home.
  • We also repair and replace rotted fascia and soffits.
  • On homes where the roof ridge vent has been compromised, we install Ridge-Guard.  We use this product when the ridge vent is worn, warped, or damaged.  This amazing product is nearly invisible from the ground and prevents mice, squirrels, and bats from entering at the roof ridge.




Call American Animal Control ® LLC For Help

Our squirrel removal service for our customers in Elkhart, Indiana consist of a complete top to bottom inspection. We look for all possible entry points. Once we locate the main entry point and any secondary entrance points, we will set up traps to get rid of them from your attic or home. Once all of the animals are evicted, we can repair all damage and clean your attic or crawl space from droppings or contamination, if necessary. If you are located in or near Indiana and are having problems with squirrels entering your home or in your attic, call American Animal Control ® LLC, Indiana’s most recommended wildlife trapping specialists. Customer service is our number one priority. Let us provide you with the most recommended nuisance animal management service available.   American Animal Control ® LLC, employs Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan state licensed wildlife removal specialists that will provide you with the most innovative humane trapping service available with our new signature custom squirrel trap. No other company uses this custom trap and humane method for removal of squirrels. Our wildlife management team will stick with you until the job is complete and you are 100% satisfied. Our reputation depends totally on our customer satisfaction.

Elkhart Wildlife Control and Wildlife Removal

When wild animals break into your home and you are in need of a pest control company, we are the top rated critter control company in Elkhart animal management. Most people looking Elkhart wildlife control want to know the removal cost.

Elkhart Raccoon Control and Squirrel Removal

There are companies like critter control of Elkhart that may offer a flat rate and there are other companies that offer a per animal fee for wild animal control. For the record, rat and mouse critter removal is classified as structural pest control. Services such as bat control and bird control are forms of actual Elkhart wildlife control. 

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Regardless of your need, we can give a price quote for everything from rat and mice issues to stray cats. We off full home repair for animal damage in Hamilton county for any indy wildlife issue. We offer very affordable wildlife removal and our area serves Elkhart and the surrounding areas. No matter what your Elkhart wildlife removal need is, we do odds and ends such as snake removal, chimney caps and advanced pest strategies to get rid of nuisance wildlife. We also find and get rid of dead animals. Call today for a phone estimate.

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