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chimney cap installation remove raccoon in chimney®American Animal Control, LLC has installed hundreds of Chimney caps and Chimney Covers. Putting chimney caps on a chimney is the only way to solve a problem with animals in the chimney and preventing snow, rain, or debris from getting down the chimney and into the furnace or fireplace chamber.

Chimney cap installation is always necessary to keep animals out of the chimney and fireplace. Most chimney caps that we install are on chimneys that never had a chimney cap installed from the time it was built. If you buy a home always hire a wildlife removal service to inspect your chimney for animals living inside. Raccoons in the chimney will many times give birth to their young in the chimney in the spring time. The female raccoon will go down the chimney and build her nest on the fireplace chimney damper.

chimney crown repair service- bats in chimneyOur wildlife removal service technicians will remove the raccoons and install a stainless steel lifetime chimney cap to prevent a reoccurrence of raccoons and as well other animals from getting into the chimney and down into the fireplace chamber. Sometimes chimneys without chimney caps can become obstructed from dead animals lodged in the chimney or debris that has fallen down the chimney. This can create a very serious problem if the chimney cannot vent properly. Smoke from the fireplace or fumes from a gas furnace may not escape and backup into the house.  Frequently because there was no chimney cap installed on the chimney from the time it was built the damper plate will rust out. Many times we will receive calls from homeowners that have cottages or second homes that no one is at the home for months on end and have animals that have gotten down the chimneys and into the living area of the home.

Once we had a customer who had a female raccoon come down the chimney, had her young and raised her young in the fireplace, because the damper plate was left open last time the fireplace was used, the mother and the babies entered into the home and totally destroyed the home. Thousands of dollars in damage to the home could have been prevented with the installation of a chimney cap.

We remove raccoons in chimneys, squirrels in chimneys, bats in chimneys, dead animals in the chimney, and birds in chimneys. There are basically three sizes of chimney caps that we stock on the truck. Most chimneys have a clay firewall liner inside the main masonry chimney. A 9"x9",  9"x13", and a 13"x13" . These are all stock chimney caps.

chimney cap installation - animal in chimneyWe do provide custom chimney caps for odd sizes or decorative chimneys also. Some chimneys may just need a custom chimney cover fabricated to prevent animals from getting in the chimney. We install many types of chimney caps and chimney covers every year. If your chimney cap is missing or damaged, and you think you may have an animal, bird, or bat in chimney give us a call. Our Licensed and insured wildlife removal professionals can provide you a chimney inspection and chimney cap installation.

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