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Marion County removal of Bats in the Attic

marion county animal control indianapolis bat removalSummer is in mid-swing, and that means heat!  Improperly sealed attics have been housing bats all spring and into early summer.  Now it is getting too hot, and bats are pushing down the wall cavities and into homes and basements.

We are different from city Animal Control Services which will remove stray cats and dogs, or may even trap a wild animal.  American Animal Control, LLC takes Marion County Animal Control to a whole new level!

Not only do we exclude bats from your home and attic, but offer financing for animal damage repair.  This covers attic clean-out and damage restoration for any holes created by critters and other pests.  The guano left by bats in your attic is more dangerous than the bats themselves.  Left alone, you are at risk of diseases like histoplasmosis.

Don’t delay!  If you have bats in the attic in Indianapolis or any other town in Indiana, give American Animal Control a call.

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