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Zionsville, Indiana resident called with an Emergency Animal Control issue today. ®American Animal Control of Zionsville responded quickly to a panic stricken lady. She went outside to uncover her patio furniture to find a large raccoon looking right at her. This Zionsville resident needed a professional in a hurry. Within minutes our Zionsville wildlife removal specialist was there to help. Raccoons will crawl in, under, or on top of just about anything this time of year.

Raccoon Removal

In just the last few weeks we have had many raccoon removal calls from Zionsville and surrounding areas. Mostly raccoons in the attic. Its baby season for most animals including raccoons. This Zionsville customer was not sure if the raccoon was sick or it was just attempting to find a place to give birth to her raccoon babies. Our ®American Animal Control, LLC service technicians were able to quickly and safely remove the raccoon from this customers home. If you are in need of emergency animal removal and you live in or near Zionsville call 877-264-3638 and our wildlife removal specialists can help you with the nuisance animal problem.

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