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Vincennes area Animal Control and wildlife removal service responded to a Vincennes residents call complaining of a “bad skunk smell”. Our Vincennes Wildlife Control Specialists have been receiving many animal control calls from the Vincennes and surrounding areas. Most skunks, raccoons, and opossums, all give birth to their young early in the spring.

Vincennes Animal Trapping and Removal Services by ®American Animal Control, LLC

Animals in the Vincennes area will burrow under decks, sheds, and wood piles to create den locations to have their young. Many times we will also receive calls from customers in the Vincennes area that will even have animals in the attic of their home. 

®American Animal Control, LLC of Vincennes have removed many animals in attics, animals in chimney, animals in crawl spaces, animals in basements, and animals under decks and sheds. This Vincennes customer was complaining that each morning they would wake up to a “bad skunk smell” in the house. Our licensed Vincennes animal control and removal service technicians arrived at the customer’s home to begin an animal entry inspection. But to their surprise they were greeted by a large skunk eating out of the pet food dish. Many homeowners will leave pet food bags and pet bowls outside. DO NOT LEAVE PET FOOD IN OPEN CONTAINERS OUTSIDE. Skunks, raccoons, opossums, and even feral cats will be drawn to these food sources. Luckily this skunk was trapped and removed from this Vincennes resident before it was able to make a den under the foundation or deck. Skunks and other animals that are hanging around your property maybe living close by. Under decks and sheds or even wood piles will make ideal den locations for nuisance animals. ®American Animal Control, LLC provides not only animal control and wildlife removal for Vincennes residents and commercial businesses, but also animal entry repair and exclusion services.  Once we trap and remove an animal from your home or resident, a animal entry prevention and exclusion maybe needed to stop animals from getting back in. We can repair any damage to your roof or soffit where you may have had raccoons in the attic. We can install chimney caps or vent covers. And we can install deck and shed barriers to prevent animals from getting under and creating den locations.

American Animal Control, LLC of Vincennes is a full service animal control and wildlife removal company. We start with a detailed inspection to locate animal entry points and animal damage. We then will set up traps to trap and remove the problem or nuisance animals in your home or on your property. Once the animals are trapped and removed our animal damage repair and exclusion specialist can repair all animal damage and provide you with the most innovated animal entry exclusion system available in or near Vincennes and surrounding area. Our repairs and animal exclusions are guaranteed to prevent animals from getting back in at the repair points. If you live in or near Vincennes or of the surrounding areas, give us a call at 877-264-3638 you don’t have to live with an animal problems or nuisance animals.

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