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hammond-raccoon-in-chimney-animal-pest-controlHammond, Indiana Wildlife Removal Service provides Hammond area residents and business owners with animal control and animal removal services. Hammond area raccoons are entering homes down chimneys, in attics, and into crawlspaces. Its that time of year when raccoons will get into homes to give birth to their young. Raccoons may have 3-6 raccoons per litter. Raccoons in Hammond have caused thousands of dollars to homes over the years. Home owners should stay alert for animal noises in the chimney and animal noises in the attic. Raccoons will primarily move around at night, so if you hear movement or chattering in the attic or chimney it could be raccoons. Bats in the attic will also move around at night, however you may even hear bats scratching or squeaking in walls during the day.The Hammond Indiana area has lots of wildlife problems. The attic or chimney of your home makes a much better den then a tree for most raccoons, bats or squirrels. If you live in or near Hammond and are hearing noises, or you think you may have a animal problem call ®American Animal Control, LLC. We help many home owners in the Hammond and surrounding areas with animal control and wildlife problems. Our licensed Wildlife Removal Specialist are highly trained and can help you with animals in your attic, animals in the chimney, or animals in the crawlspace.
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Tony Siri, CEO
®American Animal Control, LLC.

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