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If you live in Crown Point or the surrounding area and are hearing noises in your attic, your not alone. Many Crown Point residents have animals in the attic and don’t even know it. ®American Animal Control, LLC provides home and business owners in the Crown Point area with professional animal control and removal. WE DO NOT REMOVE DOMESTIC ANIMALS. We specialize in humane removal and exclusion of nuisance animals. Including but not limited to: Raccoons, Bats, Squirrels, Skunks, Ground Moles, Opossums, Ground Hogs, Birds, Snakes, and more.

With all the snow on the roofs and extreme cold temperatures many Crown Point residents are calling us with noises in the attic. Raccoons in the attic can cause lots of serious damage to insulation and heat ducts. Many times a raccoon in the attic will rip open the heat ducts causing customers heating bills to sky rocket. As well as damage to insulation, raccoons will leave fecal waste all over insulation. Urinating all over the attic we often have customer with drywall on the ceiling being so saturated with raccoon waste that the ceiling has collapsed allowing raccoon access into the living quarters of the home. Many times this can occur when the homeowner is away on vacation. Once a raccoon is in the home it can do thousands of dollars in damage to your home. Our wildlife removal specialist have also experienced raccoons destroying customers home who do not have a chimney cap. Raccoons in the chimney can flip open the damper and enter into the home. Chimney caps and chimney covers will prevent raccoons from living in your chimney. However, if a raccoon wants in your attic there is very little you can do to stop it. We have seen raccoons tear holes in customers roof in one night. Raccoons will rip open soffits, roof vents, and facia on house in a very short time. If you have a wild animal hanging around your house and you live near Crown Point, you should call ®American. Animal Control, LLC 1-877-264-3638.

Wild animals hang out around residential areas for two things, food and shelter. Bird feeders, open trash cans, and picnic areas will draw animals in. Decks, sheds, wood and junk piles, all provide shelter for wild animals. Raccoons, squirrels, and bats, would much rather live in your insulated attic then a cold tree. If you think you are hearing noises in your attic, walls, floors, or ceiling, give us a call. Our licensed and insured wildlife removal service technicians can provide you with a top to bottom, inside and out animal entry inspection. Locating all possible animal entry points, and providing you with a professional animal entry prevention solution. Call now, don’t wait until the animal in your attic ends up in your bedroom. 1-877-264-3638

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