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We remove bats and provide professional exclusion services for bats in homes, churches, schools, barns, and in commercial buildings.

Bat Removal Service

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American Animal Control® LLC is Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois  most recommended bat removal specialist. If you have bats in the attic, or flying in your house, need removal of bats from the basement, or services to remove the bats in your walls, we can help.

American Animal Control® LLC's licensed bat removal professional service technicians can remove bats in your home or business. We not only remove all visible bats from the attic, but will also locate all bat entrance points, evaluate the size of the bat colony in the attic, and provide our customers in with the most extensive and humane bat removal and exclusion solution available.

How to Remove Bats in the Attic - Professional Bat Removal

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American Animal Control® LLC will locate all primary and secondary bat entrance points, install bat check valves (one way doors), repair all bat damage, remove all bat guano, bat droppings and contaminated waste from bats in your attic insulation. We can also work with your insurance company on the repair and restoration of your attic, from bat guano, and provide attic remediation coverage.

Get Bats out of Attics - Bat Exclusion Service

Bats and bat guano or bat droppings, should be handled with great caution. Some bats can carry rabies as well as other diseases. Bat guano or bat droppings are known to cause Histoplasmosis . DO NOT HANDLE BATS OR BAT GUANO WITHOUT PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT!

Remove Bat Guano from the Attic

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If you are experiencing bats in  your home, office, or business, do not hesitate to call.  American Animal Control® LLC for fast PROFESSIONAL BAT REMOVAL.

Licensed and Insured our bat removal service is guaranteed and we warranty all of our bat exclusions and bat removal once bats in the attic have been removed. Customer satisfaction and our reputation is our #1 priority in solving your bat problem.

Bat Exterminating Service - Remove Bats - Bat Exclusion - Bat Control.

We DO NOT exterminate bats, provide bat exterminating, or kill the bats living in your attic. American Animal Control® LLC only provides humane and legal bat removal and bat exclusion services.

We Get Bats In The Attic - And Keep Bats Out!

Bats in the attic?

Thank you for considering American Animal Control® LLC for your bat removal or bat control problem. We truly care about serving you and providing  homeowners and businesses with professional and innovative techniques for bat control and removal of bats in the attic. From start to finish our service for attic bats, and bat exclusion starts with a comprehensive inspection, location of all bat entrance points, bat exclusion, bat entrance closeup, bat damage repair. As well as bat guano and bat waste remediation including attic insulation removal. Customer satisfaction, and our reputation in solving your bats in the attic problem is our top priority for all home owners and business owners in most cities in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois.

Please consider American Animal Control® LLC  for removal of bats. Whatever bat problem you may encounter in your home or business. Our bat removal professionals are licensed and insured, and are highly trained technicians that can remove all attic bats, and will serve you with great care and knowledge with 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!