Professional Bat Removal Services - bats in the attic? bats in your house?

Bats in your house? We at American Animal Control aren't like other companies. We have the experience to handle the toughest bat infestations. Proper bat removal techniques are used to ensure that bats can't get back into your home or business when American Animal Control does your bat exclusion.

We are the most one of the most widely recommended wildlife removal companies in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.  From the north side of the state in East Chicago, toward South Bend and Mishawaka, east to Fort Wayne, south to Muncie and Indianapolis, to the southern tip of Indiana and everywhere between, we always provide the best bat removal services.

  • We always do proper live bat exclusion, bat removal.
  • We never poison or fumigate to kill bats (it's also illegal in Indiana).
  • We don't use bat traps or relocate them (they are vital to controlling mosquito populations).
  • We guarantee all entry points will be sealed up to keep the bats out of your property!
  • Once the bats are removed, we provide attic cleaning and decontamination.

24 hours a day
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Bat removal is not for the faint of heart, nor is it a task for someone who doesn't know what they are doing.  Excluding bats from your attic is important as soon as possible.  Talk to us about your bat problem and we will get them out of your hair, outside where they belong!

Do you have a bat flying around the house?

It is possible for the brave homeowner to use a thick towel or blanket to net a flying bat in the house.  Be sure to wear gloves, and wait for the animal to land or throw the towel like a net.  Be gentle and take the bat outside.  If you need help, give us a call and we will provide emergency bat removal service any time of day or night!

Once the bat is removed, American Animal Control will do a comprehensive inspection of your property to determine possible entry points, and discuss the best methods for sealing those entry points, keeping the inside of the home bat free for years to come!

Where Are Bats Coming Into The House?

The first thing American Animal Control does is to prevent bats coming into your house. In order to do that we first find out where the bats are coming in from. Usually bats will come into a house or a building through the highest available entry point, although in some occasions when they get lost, they will use a door or window. Even though bat's wings can be long, they are actually small and can fit through very small spaces. If you have a hole on the side of your home that is two thirds of an inch, that may be enough for a small bat to get through.

You Need To Get All Bats Out Of Your House!

While it is helpful to have bats in the neighborhood, you do not want them inside your house even, in a room that you do not go into, like the attic. According to the CDC there are a few diseases that bats can give to people. A disease which bats carry is histoplasmosis which can be transmitted when fungi grow on the guano or bat poop. The symptoms of histoplasmosis can vary from person to person but people with a weakened immune system are at a higher risk. The other disease that everyone knows is rabies. Bats can transmit rabies with exposure to a human through a bite from a rabid animal. If the animal’s saliva comes into contact with human mouths, nose, eyes or a fresh wound, it can also be transmitted.

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