Bat Guano Removal - Remove Bat Droppings in attic Cleanup Bat Fecal waste in Attic

bat guano removal - bats in attic indianaAfter ®American Animal Control, LLC removes bats in the attic or completes a bat exclusion from a customers home that has a bat colony in the attic, we sometimes have to remove bat guano or bat droppings from the attic. Bat guano can have serious health concerns. Histoplasmosis is a fungus that grows on bat guano. Histoplasmosis is  disease associated with bats. Its symptoms vary greatly, but the disease primarily affects the lungs. Occasionally, other organs are affected. When this happens it can be fatal if untreated.

We remove contaminated waste and insulation from bats in the attic.

bat guano removal bats in the attic pest controlHistoplasmosis is caused by a fungus that grows in soil and material contaminated with droppings from animals, including bats. Droppings, also known as bat guano, can contaminate the soil and cause infectious spores to be released when the soil is disturbed.

Even though it can be found throughout the world, it is widespread in certain areas of the U.S. and can be found in places that harbor large populations of bats, bats in the attic, bats in a barn, bats in a garage, and most commonly bats living caves.

While most infected persons have no apparent ill effects, antifungal medications are used to treat many forms of the disease. Bat guano / droppings should always be removed to prevent future health risk or problems.


bat guano removal srvice®American Animal Control, LLC bat guano removal service professionals have removed bat guano from hundreds of attics that have had bat problems over the years. It is very important when removing bat fecal waste or bat guano  that protective equipment be used. At the very least a duel cartridge respirator and gloves must be worn. When disturbing bat guano or bat droppings in attics, spores can become airborne. High pressure vacs on trailers outside the home are most frequently used to eliminate handling and/or bat guano from being carried through the living quarters of the home.

Removal of bat guano in the attic is a very serious undertaking and should only be done by a bat guano removal professional. If you have bats in your attic, and believe you may need to have the bat guano removed, give the bat guano removal professionals a call at ®American Animal Control, LLC. We can assist you with insurance coverage and complete insurance inspections for bat guano removal. Most insurance companies provide homeowners with coverage for bat guano removal and sometimes bat removal and exclusion. If you don't have a insurance policy that will help with coverage of a bat problem or bat guano removal, we do have financing available. Please call now 877-264-3638 for a professional bat inspection and bat guano removal quote. For fast professional service by a licensed bat removal specialist at ®American Animal Control, LLC.