attic inspection service chewed wires animals®American Animal Control, LLC provides home and business owners with thorough and detailed attic inspections for animals in the attic and animal damage assessment. Our highly trained licensed wildlife removal specialist have inspected thousands of attics for homeowners, businesses, real-estate and insurance companies. There are many problems that may occur to attics once animals have made entry and/or setup a den or nest in the attic of a home.

  • Animal damage to attic insulation
  • Animal damage to HVAC ducts
  • Animal damage to wiring
  • Animal feces and urine contamination
  • Attic fan and attic vent damage

Animal damage to insulation. When animals, bats, birds, or mice are in the attic, insulation damage is normally the most common animal damage. Attic inspections will provide lots of information to a trained eye. Most home inspectors and even some pest control operators do not notice all the different types of animal damage that our ®American Animal Control, LLC licensed service technicians do. Our attic inspection specialists are in a thousand attics each year. Mice or mouse damage to attic insulation is found in almost every attic we enter. The signs can be mouse trails in attic insulation, mouse dive holes, (about the size of a quarter) and mouse droppings. Mice will tunnel in through the attic insulation leaving mouse trails.

Bats in attics can cause thousands of dollars in damage to insulation. Many times bats will go without being noticed for many years. Some homeowners as well as even some pest control operators will mistake bat guano for mouse droppings. Because bat guano in insulation can have the histo virus, it should be removed when contaminated attic insulation is found .

attic inspection service bat guano removalAttic inspections will also many times uncover birds, bird nest, and bird feces in the attic. Many times this is located at a gable end of the attic near a louvre vent. Almost daily we do attic inspection for noises in the attic and find raccoons and squirrels living in the attic.  Trails, damaged insulation, and sometimes lots of feces is found in the attic.

Animal damage to HVAC ducts is commonly found in attics during an attic inspection. Most of the time the culprit is raccoons in the attic. Raccoons will rip the HVAC ducts open and many times crawl into them. Once we found a raccoon inside the living quarters of the home. It was a cottage and the owners of the cottage had returned to find their house a total mess. Raccoon feces all over the home including in the silverware drawer. Curtains pulled down, trash cans flipped over, broken dishes, and all the water in the toilet was gone from the raccoons in the house drinking it. All this because the raccoons had got into the HVAC ducts, and pushed open a vent cover in the living room, and had complete access to the entire home.

Attic inspection will also uncover damage to electrical wiring. Squirrels in the attic will often chew wires. because squirrels have to continue to chew on things electric wires are many times compromised. A thorough attic inspection will sometimes find these "chewed" wires. But many times these wires are under the attic insulation. One time we were performing an inspection and found some badly chewed wires from squirrels in the attic. I told the homeowner she needed to call a electrician to get them fixed immediately. She had began to cry and said this was a new home and her old house had burned down. They determine it was bad wiring or chewed wires from squirrels. Regular attic inspections won't catch everything but it sure can help find animal damage..

Attic inspections also give us an idea of what kind of animal maybe living in the attic just by the animal feces or animal droppings in the attic. Whether its, bats in the attic, mice in the attic, birds in the attic, squirrels in the attic, or raccoons in the attic, there is one thing in common. They all urinate and leave behind feces or droppings.  Sometimes its only one drooping found that will give us a clue as to what kind of animal is in the attic. Other times we not only find lots of animal fecal waste, but the strong smell of animal urine will be all the sign we need to determine what is living in your attic. Animal feces and contaminated insulation should be removed due to many health risks.

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attic inspection service damage to attic fan ventAttic fan and vent damage is also commonly found during an attic inspection. Animal damage to attic fans and vents can cost homeowners lots of money. Not just in repairs, but to heating and cooling bills, as well as to the years of life a roof may have. We have found many times during an attic inspection raccoons, as well as other animals, getting into the attic through attic ventilation fans. Raccoons will bend the fan blades on the attic fans stopping the fan blades from moving. This can result in the fan motor burning up and the attic over heating. When an attic over heats the shingles on the roof can break down and curl on the edges. This drastically shortens the life of the shingles on a roof. Animal damage to attic vents is also found during attic inspections. Damaged vets can cause lots of water damage or allow other kinds of pests to enter.

®American Animal Control, LLC wildlife removal specialists perform many attic inspections daily. We find many issues going on in the attics that most homeowners have no clue is going on. Most home inspectors don't always look for the same things or problems we do. Or are not trained to look for animal damage problems. If you are hearing noises in your attic, or are just seeking an attic inspection for peace of mind. Give the professional attic inspectors a call at ®American Animal Control, LLC 877-264-3638 we can provide you with a complete and thorough attic inspection.

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