Do you have a raccoon in the chimney?


how to get raccoons out of a chimney-pest removalAmerican Animal Control® LLC removes raccoons in the chimney on an almost daily basis. Most of the time when a client calls, they will be complaining of hearing noises in the chimney.

Most Common are Raccoons in chimneys

The most common animals we remove from chimneys are raccoons. Raccoons and chimneys are like magnets. Its seems like chimneys are now more commonly used for a den or nest location than trees in most residential areas. Each and every customer with a raccoon in their chimney have somethings in common, there is no chimney cap, a missing chimney cap, a damaged chimney cap, or a ripped or damaged chimney screen.

Raccoons will first access a roof from an over hanging tree limb, a down spout, or easily just climb up an outside corner of a home. Once a raccoon is on the roof it will look for any possible entrance point. The most easy of all entrance points for a raccoon to find on a home is a chimney without a cap. Raccoons will "shimmy" up and down the chimney with ease. Once down a chimney, behind the damper, raccoons will begin to build a nest or den. It usually starts by urinating all over to mark for "ownership" similar to a dog and a fire hydrant. Customers sometimes will call saying they have a bad smell coming from the fireplace area. This is often raccoon urine.

Remove Baby Raccoons in the Chimney

remove baby raccoons in chimney pest controlSome customers won't even know they have raccoon in the chimney until they start to hear the chattering noise that raccoon babies make. Raccoons have a mask for a reason, they are little "bandits". Raccoons will sneak in and out of a chimney most times very quietly without even being noticed.  Raccoons are mostly nocturnal and many times won't move around in a chimney or fireplace until the middle of the night after most customers are sound asleep.

A female raccoon will give birth to her young usually in the early spring. With an average of 3-6 per litter. When the raccoon babies are first born you may hear a slight squeaking sound from the fireplace area. But once the raccoon babies are 4-6 weeks old the chattering begins. The raccoon babies can make chattering noises in the chimney all times of the day. This is when American Animal Control LLC will receive a lot of our "raccoon in chimney " calls.


remove dead raccoon in chimney-pest controlSeveral times a year we remove dead raccoons from chimneys or fireplaces. Recently we had a call from a lady that said she tried to start a fire in her fireplace and the whole house filled up with smoke. She told us that she may of had a dead raccoon in her chimney. When our service technicians asked her why she thought it was a raccoon? She said in the spring she heard noises coming from the chimney so she started a fire with hopes to "smoke it out". This is NOT the way to try and remove raccoons in the fireplace. She obviously killed the raccoon in the chimney when she tried to smoke it out. Even if your were able to drive the raccoon out of your chimney with smoke, you may have raccoon babies behind the damper plate that might die, and then you could end up with a horrible smell in your house. Occasionally a customer that thinks the raccoon had left the chimney because they had not been hearing noises in the chimney will cover the chimney with a concrete block or plywood. It is never a good idea to cover a chimney without thoroughly inspecting the chimney and damper box for raccoon babies.


Most people that call a professional  raccoon exterminator to remove a raccoon in the chimney do not know how the raccoon removal procedure works. American Animal Control LLC service technicians remove hundreds of raccoons in chimneys every year. Each raccoon in the chimney job can be unique. Some chimneys have multiple chambers or old dampers that are almost welded shut from all the rain and snow running down the chimney because there was no chimney cap in place. Some chimneys are several stories high and require very tall ladders or lifts. Safety concerns are not just with the handling of the raccoons, which may have diseases, but also with the navigation of the roof lines that maybe quite steep. American Animal Control LLC wildlife removal specialist are highly trained at removal of raccoons in chimneys in various situations. Removal of raccoons in chimneys should only be performed by a licensed professional.


remove raccoon in the chimney-pest exterminatorA couple years ago a customer called and said every time they would sit in their living room around the fireplace they would get bit by fleas. They had know idea that a raccoon living in the chimney can have fleas and the fleas can enter the living quarters in through the fireplace.

Another customer realized they had a dead raccoon in the chimney when they came home from work and whole house was covered in black flies. Sometimes if the damper is cracked open just a little the chimney will get an upward draft and you won't smell a dead raccoon in the chimney. But as soon as the maggots hatch out into flies, you could have a real mess on your hands..

Many times it will just be the smell that is the sure give away that you have a raccoon or other animal in the chimney. Whether it is the smell of urine, fecal matter, or a "dead animal smell" you should call a raccoon exterminator or raccoon removal specialist immediately.


The key to preventing a raccoon from showing up in your chimney or fireplace is as simple as having a properly installed chimney cap.

Many times a year we get calls from customers that come home to find their house or cottage in total "shambles". No chimney cap was on, and the damper was left open, or the raccoon was able to open it and enter the home. This can sometimes turn into thousands of dollars in damage and cleanup fees to the home owner. The simple solution in prevention is a chimney cap. American Animal Control LLC service techs install hundreds of chimney caps a year. Most are stock sizes and we carry them on our trucks.

If you think you have a raccoon in the chimney or fireplace give us a call. If you do not see that your chimney has a chimney cap, give us a call. The last thing you want to do is wake up to a raccoon on your kitchen counter. Call 877-264-3638 for fast dependable service.