Removal of Animals in the Chimney

What's in your Chimney? Do you have a animal in your chimney? We can help.

®American Animal Control, LLC service technicians get animals out of chimneys almost daily. We specialize in removing all types of animals in the chimney and fireplace.

  • Removal of Raccoons in the Chimney
  • Removal of Bats in the Chimney
  • Removal of Birds in the Chimney
  • Removal of Squirrels in the Chimney
  • Removal of Animals in the Fireplace


remove-raccoon-in-chimney-animal-pest-controlThe most frequent animal in the chimney  that the service technicians at ®American Animal Control, LLC remove is by far raccoons in the chimney. Raccoons will climb up trees and drop down to roofs using over hanging branches. Many of our customers will even cut the tree branches back away from their home and still have raccoons in the chimney. Raccoons will climb or "shimmy" up gutter down spots and outside corners. Many times raccoons that have got into a chimney have simply just climbed up a porch post, flipped over the soffit, ran across the roof and drop down a chimney, typically in just a matter of seconds. Once our animal removal specialist removed a raccoon in a ground level office that had fallen through the drop ceiling tiles. The building was a old five story brick building. After a thorough inspection of the building we figured out by the raccoon hair on the back outside brick corner of the building, that the raccoon got in by climbing five stories hanging on to the brick corner, jumping on the roof, then going into the building from a old air conditioning system on the roof.

remove-raccoon-in-chimney-raccoon-damageIt does not matter if you cut the trees back or take your down spouts off your house, if a raccoon wants in your chimney, it will get in, if you don't have it secured with a quality chimney cap. In the spring is when most raccoons will get into chimneys. Raccoons give birth to baby raccoons early in the spring and find chimneys to be a safe place to go down and build a nest. The damper box or damper plate inside the fireplace makes for a great place to give birth and raise baby raccoons. ®American Animal Control, LLC wildlife removal professionals remove hundreds of baby raccoons from and in the fireplace damper box each year. Most customers will hear the raccoons in the fireplace make a "chattering" sound. Unfortunately for some homeowners who do not have a chimney cap installed, raccoons can end up inside the living quarters of a home. When this happens, you may end up with thousands of dollars in raccoon damage to your home. Especially if the home is vacant or a summer cottage. Because the home is not checked regularly, the raccoon in the chimney can be the raccoon in the bed! Our wildlife removal specialist have seen some terrible raccoon damage to homes over the years that all could have been prevented with a simple installation of a chimney cap.


get-bats-out-of-chimney-bat-removal-service-pestMany times we will receive calls from customers who say they have a bat in the house. When we ask how they think the bat got into the house, most will say they think they have bats in the chimney.  ® American Animal Control, LLC wildlife removal service technicians have performed hundreds of bat exclusions for home and business owners each year. Very few are bats in the chimney. Bats will primarily come down from the attics into the living quarters of the home. Many times once in the home bats will gravitate to a fireplace or chimney area because of a draft, or the stone or masonry work around the fireplace area. Its not impossible to get bats in the chimney, but we only get very few calls each year from customers that do actually have bats in the chimney, but its not that common for our wildlife removal specialist to find. Bats will get in behind the chimney on the outside of  the house quite often. Where the chimney goes through the the soffit or roof many times there will be construction gaps that alows bats to get in next to the chimney or along side the chimney. Other times we will find chimneys that are attached to the side of the home that have settled or have begin to pull away from the house leaving gaps where bats will get in next to the chimney.


remove-birds-in-chimney-fireplace-pest-controlRemoval of birds in the chimney is probably our second most frequent call from our customers who say they have a "animal in the chimney or fireplace". Once we had a call from a customer who new something dead was in the chimney. Black flies were all over the fireplace area and were coming out of the chimney into the home. It turned out they had a pair of wood ducks go down the chimney but were not able to get back out.

Other types of birds that get in the chimney are "chimney swifts" many times these are mistaken as raccoon babies in the chimney by the similar  "chattering"  sounds they make. Chimney swifts will build or attach a mud nest inside the chimney to the side of the chimney lining. Another bird in chimney call that our wildlife specialist receive is

bird-removal-chimney-pest-controlStarlings. It seems we get these calls most frequently when the temperatures are cooler. Birds will sometimes hang around the top of chimneys because of the heat loss from the home. Many times they will go down, or even fall down the chimney and not be able to get back out. Metal chimneys or chimney flues will a lot of times have a metal box or chase that attaches to the roof and stabilizes the metal chimney stack or chimney pipes. These "boxes" many times will have a flange on them that allows birds into the chimney area. Sometimes the birds can go right down the chimney, other times they will build the bird nests around the chimney stack and even into the attic.


remove-squirrels-in-chimney-dead-animal-removalIf a Squirrel is in your chimney many times it has fallen in the chimney and can't get out. If you have a metal chimney stack or a clay chimney liner most squirrels cant get their claws dug in enough to pull themselves back up the chimney. If your chimney damper is not closed you may end up with a squirrel in your house. We don't find squirrels building nest in chimneys too often or coming and going in the chimney. We do find squirrels stuck in the chimney, or we remove dead squirrels in chimneys. Many times if your chimney has a good upward draft you won't smell a dead squirrel in the chimney. One time we had a customer call who had both a live squirrel in the chimney and 3 dead squirrels in the chimney. It was a chimney that went clear down to a basement area of a home that was not frequented much. It just so happen the customer went into this area at the same time the squirrel had fallen down the chimney and could not get back up the chimney. She heard the squirrel running back and fourth and scratching frantically in the chimney. When our ®American Animal Control, LLC wildlife removal professionals arrived on the job we found and removed the live squirrel in the chimney, but also found 3 dead squirrels. This problem had been going on for sometime totally unnoticed. The customer was not aware they did not have a chimney cap installed that would have prevented the squirrels from getting in the chimney.


chimney-cap-installation-animal-preventionIf you think you have animals, birds or bats in your chimney your not alone. Many customers call ®American Animal Control, LLC almost daily with animals in the chimney or fireplace. Sometimes its raccoons in the chimney, sometimes its birds in the chimney, other times its bats or squirrels in the chimney. No matter what you have in your chimney our highly trained and licensed wildlife removal professionals can assist you in the removal of animals in the chimney. Once the animal removal is complete we can also install a new heavy duty chimney cap or repair your chimney cover to prevent animals from getting in the chimney. We provide fast professional wildlife removal and chimney cap installation as well as crown repair services. Call 877-264-3638 customer service 100% guaranteed.