Animal Damage Repair by American Animal Control® LLC

American Animal Control® LLC provides animal damage repair for Raccoons in the attic, Squirrels in the soffits, Bats in the Walls, Ground hogs burrowing in foundations, and Skunks under decks. Many times animal damage can be as simple as patching a small hole in a roof, to as serious as replacing roof decking, fascia, soffit, siding, and a complete attic clean-out from animal damage and waste contamination. Many times these repairs can add up to thousands of dollars in damage. Most people who have never had animal problems do not understand just how much damage animals can do to your home, office, or business.

Working with your Insurance company

American Animal Control® LLC provides professional consultation when working between the homeowners and their insurance company. We have worked with many insurance companies providing itemized quotes and estimates for roof repairs, animal damage, and attic restorations. If you insurance policy has animal damage coverage, we can work with you and your insurance company from start to finish to get all repairs and damage taken care of.

100% Animal Damage Repair Financing Available

Animal Damage Repair FinancingAmerican Animal Control® LLC. tries hard to work with insurance companies when a customer files a claim. Sometimes there are insurance policies that do not cover damages caused by animals. Animal damage can be quite serious with raccoons or squirrels ripping roofs open allowing rain and snow to get in and cause water and mold damage. Animal fecal waste can also be a serious health threat and should be removed. If your insurance  policy does not provide coverage for animal damage, you may have no other choice to get the much-needed repairs. Because there are some customer that Have To get these repairs made to prevent further damages or for health concerns, we have a finance company that will provide quick financing to homeowners that need these repairs done. If you are in need follow the instructions on the link provided.

Animal Damage Repairs

Squirrel Removal - Squirrels will typically enter on the roof line of a home. Finding weak spots or construction opening. Once in, squirrels will work their way through the soffits, attic, and even down the walls. Squirrels were removed from this home and the animal damaged was repaired.

Raccoon Removal - Raccoons can tear open just about anything and cause lots of animal damage. They will climb up the gutter down spouts just like a ladder. Many people don't regularly clean their gutters. When water backs up in the gutters, the water will rot out the fascia causing weak spots. These weak spots allow raccoons to get into the attic and soffits of the home. Raccoons can be quite heavy. If soffits are not fasten properly or are rotten raccoons will cause lots of animal damage just knocking the soffits out of the house. These must be repaired to prevent further animal entry or water damage to the home.

GroundHog Removal - Groundhog animal damage is mostly to the foundation of the home or a structure. As with other types of animal damage, it can be quite serious. Groundhogs can undermine a foundation or cement footer leading serious structure damage or slabs to collapse. We also provide concrete work to repair animal damage on foundations.

Animal Damage to Foundation

Animal Damage to Foundation

Attic Damage due to Bats or Raccoons - Animal damage from raccoons and bats in the attic can be very nasty and very unhealthy. Animal droppings, animal waste, and animal contamination and animal damage to attic insulation something that should be removed from the attic. Animals carry fleas, diseases, and their droppings can cause serious health concerns. Animal waste and animal urine can lead to mold on drywall and attic insulation. American Animal Control® LLC provides complete attic cleaning and attic re-insulating services.

Siding Repair - Animals are strong and persistent. We have seen animal damage many times to siding. If an animal wants in, there is very little you can do to stop it. Animals ripping open siding, tearing out insulation and entering into a wall cavity to build a nest is not uncommon and must be repaired as soon as possible.

Siding repairs needed because of animal damage

Siding repairs needed because of animal damage

Deck & Shed Animal Barrier Installation - Installing deck and shed barriers in sometimes the only way to prevent animals from living under your deck, shed, or home. We provide our customers with high quality long-lasting pest guard barriers to prevent animal damage. Give us a call, we will remove your nuisance animals, and provide you with professional animal damage repair and animal exclusion services. Call now at 877-264-3638

American Animal Control® LLC removes hundreds of animals from under decks, sheds and homes every year. Many times animals will get under decks and enter into the foundation of a home through a foundation vent or another weak spot.

Shed and Deck barriers keep animals out

Shed and Deck barriers keep animals out!

Animal Damage Repair is often covered by insurance, but we also offer financing programs.  Call us now at 877-264-3638