ABOUT American Animal Control ® LLC

american animal removal truckAmerican Animal Control ® LLC is northern Indiana and southern Michigan's fastest growing and most referred nuisance wildlife-pest removal company. We specialize in humane removal and exclusion of all nuisance wildlife-pest. We strive to not only solve the problem at hand, but also make sure it will never happen again in the future, all while offering an affordable service that exceeds all expectations of professionalism. American Animal Control ® LLC is a company that strives to satisfy every customer. We offer 24 hour service. We also offer inspections, emergency services, animal-pest entrance point repairs, animal-pest entrance prevention, waste removal, insulation replacement, bad smell removal, deck and shed barriers, attic vent covers, dryer vent covers, chimney caps, custom louvered vent covers, and much more. We want to make sure before we leave your property, that you are satisfied and will never have another animal-pest problem.


American Animal Control ® LLC is licensed by both the Indiana Department of Natural Resources and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. We are also insured.

We are a member of NWCOA, the nuisance wildlife-pest control operators association and IADCA, the Indiana animal-pest damage control association.

American Animal Control ® LLC is listed on Angie's List and also the Indiana Department of Natural Resources wildlife-pest control hotline.

We can also be found in the Yellow Pages, Yellow Book, Best Book, AT&T Book, etc. under animal-pest control services and pest control services.

We have several home-base locations to quickly serve our customers in Indiana and Michigan:

American Animal Control® LLC:


AAC Distributing has developed many professional products for the exclusion and trapping of nuisance wildlife.

Ridge-Guard® is the premier roof ridge vent exclusion tool for preventing bats, mice, squirrels, and many more from entering buildings through roof vents.

AAC Proline Traps are professional quality, durable animal traps in varying sizes for professional use.

Xclusion Pro, Xclusion Pro XL Prevent animal entry through roof vents and powered roof fans.