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How to get bats out – Bats in the attic

Thank you for considering American Animal Control for your wildlife control & animal removal Logansport. We truly care about serving you and providing the residents of the Logansport area with the most professional and innovative techniques for animal control and wildlife removal in and near the city of Logansport.

From start to finish our Animal Removal Logansport team starts with a comprehensive inspection. We locate all animal entrance points, do animal exclusion, entrance closeup, and animal damage repair. We also do animal waste remediation and attic insulation removal. Customer satisfaction, and our reputation in solving your wildlife removal conflict is our #1 concern for everyone in the Logansport area.

Animal Removal Logansport, for all your bat, raccoon, and squirrel removal, or any other animal control or wildlife problem you may encounter in your home or business located in or near Logansport. Our animal removal Logansport licensed and insured technicians will serve you with great care and knowledge. We have 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Professional Bat Removal Services we Offer for Logansport:

Professional Bat Removal Logansport

  • Bat removal in Logansport
  • Bat service for Logansport
  • Eliminate bat problems in Logansport
  • Bat removal and exclusion Logansport
  • Remove bats in attic Logansport
  • Bat guano removal from attic Logansport
  • Professional bat removal Logansport
  • Get bats out of house near Logansport
  • Bat control for Logansport
  • Bat prevention and bat pest control in Logansport
  • Bat removal specialist in Logansport
  • Commercial bat removal and bat management Logansport
  • Remove attic insulation that is contaminated.

Professional Raccoon Removal Services we Offer for Logansport:

Professional Raccoon Removal Logansport

  • Remove raccoons in attic Logansport
  • Raccoons in my chimney Logansport
  • Raccoons in roof Logansport
  • Get raccoons out of attics and ceilings Logansport
  • Eliminate raccoon problems Logansport
  • Raccoon in walls Logansport
  • Raccoon removal and control near Logansport
  • Raccoon removal in and near Logansport
  • Raccoon removal for Logansport
  • Raccoons digging in yards
  • Clean raccoon droppings and waste out of attics Logansport
  • Complete attic restorations for Logansport
  • Remove contaminated attic insulation for all of Logansport and surrounding areas.

Professional Squirrel Removal Services we Offer for Logansport, Indiana:

Squirrel removal Logansport service

  • Remove squirrels in attic
  • Logansport squirrel removal
  • Get squirrels out of chimney
  • Remove squirrel in wall
  • Remove squirrel scratching in walls
  • Remove squirrel running in soffit
  • Repair squirrel entrance point
  • Remove attic insulation in Logansport
  • Get squirrels out of crawlspace
  • Humane squirrel removal in all the Logansport and surrounding areas.

Welcome to Animal Removal Logansport – Animal Control and Removal

We provide professional wildlife pest removal and animal pest control for all of Logansport, Indiana and nearby areas.

We have the following wildlife-pest removal services for all cities in the countyLogansport Indiana Animal Control

  • Raccoon removal and control Logansport, Indiana
  • Bat removal and exclusion Logansport, Indiana
  • Squirrel removal and control Logansport, Indiana
  • Skunk removal and control Logansport, Indiana
  • Ground hog removal and control Logansport, Indiana
  • Mole trapping and removal Logansport, Indiana
  • Bird removal and prevention Logansport, Indiana
  • Chipmunk removal and control Logansport, Indiana
  • Dead animal-pest removal Logansport, Indiana
  • Dead deer removal Logansport, Indiana
  • Fox and coyote trapping and control Logansport, Indiana
  • Mice and shrew entry prevention Logansport, Indiana
  • Feral cat trapping and removal Logansport, Indiana
  • Muskrat trapping and removal Logansport, Indiana
  • Beaver control and dam removal Logansport, Indiana
  • Snake removal trapping and prevention Logansport, Indiana.

American Animal Control ® LLC’s number one priority is customer service from start to finish. If you hear noises in your attic, walls or crawl space we identify the species of animal-pest, and the entrance point. Then we remove the animals in a humane and professional manner. Once we are sure the animals are all removed we close up and repair all the damage to prevent it from happening again.

Animal Removal Logansport works with your insurance company for animal-pest waste remediation, insulation removal and installation. We do it all. Deck barriers, chimney caps, vent covers and more. When considering any animal-pest removal or control, why not go with the most recommended wildlife-pest control professionals? American Animal Control ® LLC

Most recommended animal-pest control and Animal Removal Logansport, Indiana
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Animal Removal Logansport: Bat Removal

Animal Removal Logansport, Indiana bat removal image

Animal Removal Logansport, Indiana bat removal

American Animal Control® LLC’s Logansport, Indiana bat removal service and bat specialists of Logansport, Indiana provide bat removal and bat exclusion of many bats in all of the Logansport, Indiana area.

The most common “bat in the house” call in Logansport, Indiana is the “little brown bat”. The little brown bat is sometimes called the little brown myotis, a species of the (mouse-eared) bat. One of the most common of bats located in, near, and around Logansport, Indiana. A little brown bat that is found in your attic in the city of Logansport, Indiana has dark brown fur with a little glossy look on its back. On the underneath side it is slightly lighter in color and is a little grayish in the belly area. Little brown bats that live in homes and attics in the city of Logansport, Indiana and surrounding areas have a typical wingspan of 8-11 inches. They appear dark brown and almost look black from a distance. Logansport, Indiana little brown bats have 38 teeth and primarily eat insects.

Most Logansport, Indiana residents that have bat problems, or have bats flying in the house, do not know the difference between the Indiana Brown Bat and the Little Brown Bat. The little brown bat can be distinguished from the Indiana brown bat located in the Logansport, Indiana area by the absence of a “keel” or caclar and long hairs on the hind feet that stretch longer than the toes. The little brown bats that are found in Logansport, Indiana homes hanging on walls or curtains are found not only in Logansport, Indiana but much of North America. Little brown bats can be seen roosting in attics of Logansport, Indiana homes, including, bats in eaves, bat in soffits, and bats in porch overhangs. Sometimes bats in the house in Logansport, Indiana can be heard or found inside walls or wall cavities. Brown bats frequently build bat colonies of hundreds. If you see bats flying in or around your roof or roof line in the Logansport, Indiana area, you could have a bat problem.

Bat problems exist as bats build colonies and leave guano or (bat droppings) in attics of Logansport, Indiana homes. These droppings can cause histoplasmosis. American Animal Control ® LLC licensed and insured bat specialists provide you or your commercial business with a professional guano removal service. We do attic restoration from bat contamination, in all of the Logansport, Indiana and surrounding areas. American Animal Control ® LLC of Logansport, Indiana provides bat removal, exclusion, management, bat control for all home owners and commercial businesses. So if you live in the city of Logansport, Indiana or a city near Logansport, Indiana, and you have a bat problem, or think you might, please consider American Animal Control ® LLC for a bat entrance inspection and a professional bat removal solution.

Animal Removal Logansport: Raccoon Removal

Animal Removal Logansport raccoon removal

Animal Removal Logansport raccoon removal

American Animal Control ® LLC offers the most innovative raccoon removal and control techniques in all of Logansport, Indiana. We have over 50 years of combined experience in raccoon removal, raccoon control, & raccoon trapping. Also, we have the ability to solve raccoon problems and conflicts for home owners in Logansport, Indiana.

Most raccoons in Logansport, Indiana move in low light conditions. At night, while you are sleeping, these masked bandits begin to seek out what kind havoc they can. Mostly looking for food, raccoons in Logansport, Indiana will eat almost anything, including worms, grubs, insects, fish, birds, frogs, eggs, mice, moles, rats, and even rabbits. American Animal Control ® LLC’s licensed professional raccoon specialists receive hundreds of nuisance raccoon calls each year. These calls vary from: raccoons in dumpsters, raccoons in garbage cans, raccoons in houses, raccoons digging in yards, raccoons climbing on bird feeders, raccoons in chimneys, and also raccoons in attics.

Most raccoons in Logansport, Indiana like to build their dens up high in holes in trees. More and more these nuisance raccoons are making their dens in attics of homes. We remove raccoons from chimneys, raccoons in crawl spaces, raccoons in basements, raccoons under decks, raccoons in and under sheds, and raccoons in soffits. Raccoons are notorious for digging holes in roofs, ripping open soffits, and causing damage to insulation in attics.

Raccoons generally start breeding in December all the way through January and February. Averaging 3-6 cubs per liter these young raccoons may sometimes even breed the same year they are born. It is not uncommon that raccoons will return back to the attics or chimneys they were born in. Most raccoons have their young in the spring. This is when most home owners will start hearing noises in attics, noises in walls, and noises in the crawl space. Even though raccoons appear to be “cute” and “playful”, when cornered, they are very aggressive. Raccoons are very strong, quick, and have sharp bone crushing teeth. Raccoons can carry round worm, as well as many other diseases.

American Animal Control ® LLC’s wildlife-pest removal professionals provide you with the most extensive home inspection for raccoons and raccoon damage available. We will locate all possible raccoon entrance points and raccoon damage. We even work with your insurance company for coverage on contaminated attic insulation removal, and a full attic restoration, if necessary.

American Animal Control ® LLC’s wildlife-pest removal specialists do not like to use open baited cages if at all possible. We do not like to lure in non-target animals such as skunks, opossums, and feral cats. We provide the most humane animal-pest removal techniques in the industry. American Animal Control ® LLC offers the repairs for most damage from raccoons, and a complete raccoon exclusion to prevent future issues. If you have raccoon problems and need professional assistance in removing them from your attic, or chimney, please consider the most recommended Animal Removal Logansport, Indiana service, American Animal Control ® LLC.

Animal Removal Logansport: Squirrel Removal

Animal Removal Logansport squirrel removal

Animal Removal Logansport squirrel removal

American Animal Control ® LLCs squirrel removal service of Logansport, Indiana provides professional squirrel removal, squirrel exclusion, squirrel trapping, squirrel control and squirrel proofing for all of the Logansport, Indiana area. Fox squirrels, gray squirrels, flying squirrels, pine squirrels or red squirrels in Logansport, Indiana enter homes almost daily.

Our customers in Logansport, Indiana call us to remove squirrels in their attics, remove squirrels in the roof, remove squirrels from chimneys, remove squirrels running in soffits, and remove squirrels from their crawl space and basements. Our Logansport, Indiana squirrel removal service provides home owners in Logansport, Indiana with the most innovated squirrel removal, squirrel control, and squirrel prevention service available. Most squirrels average 1-2 litters per year, with 3-5 per litter. Born hairless squirrels have a very high mortality rate. They are also very susceptible to predators. Most of the squirrels that American Animal Control ® LLC’s licensed wildlife removal professionals in Logansport, Indiana remove enter the home from the roof. Once squirrels enter in your home they can move freely almost anywhere in the house.

American Animal Control ® LLC’s squirrel removal service for our customers in Logansport, Indiana consist of a complete top to bottom inspection. We look for all possible squirrel entrance points. Once we locate the main entrance point and any secondary entrance points for squirrels, we will set up traps to remove the squirrels from your home. Once all the squirrels are removed, we can repair all damage at squirrel entrance points and clean your attic or crawl space from squirrel droppings or contamination, if necessary. If you are located in or near Logansport, Indiana and are having problems with squirrels entering your home or squirrels in your attic, call us at American Animal Control ® LLC, Logansport, Indiana’s most recommended squirrel removal and squirrel control specialists. Customer service is our number one priority. Let American Animal Control ® LLC provide you the most recommended Animal Removal Logansport service available.

Animal Removal Logansport Posts:

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Best way to remove raccoons from attic

best-way-to-remove-raccoons-from-atticMany homeowners are beginning to hear noises in the attic. This is the time of year when most raccoons are finishing up with their breeding cycle.

Typically raccoons will breed in late November and into the end of January.

We receive calls from homeowners that believe they have two animals in the attic fighting. Sometimes during the breeding cycle raccoons will make a lot of noises in the attic thus keeping homeowners awake at night.

After breeding season is complete the female raccoon will run the male raccoon off. She will then begin to prepare her nest for the spring birthing time. Once a raccoon decides to take up residence in the attic of a home she will tear up insulation, rip open HVAC ducts, and urinate and leave feces all over the attic. This can lead to a lot of problem for homeowners.

Raccoons cost homeowners across the United States millions a year in animal damage and repairs.


Raccoons give birth in the spring, typically starting as early as March and going into June. An averaging of 4-6 coons per litter, those young may sometimes begin to breed within the first year of their life.

®American Animal Control, LLC wildlife removal professionals remove raccoons in attics, soffits, chimneys, in crawlspaces, basements, and under decks and sheds. We have even removed litters of raccoons inside boats.

When the female raccoon decides its time to give birth she will tear into anything in just a short period of time to find a safe place to hide her young.

We recently had a call from a homeowner that said their next door neighbor saw two raccoons breeding on the roof at 6:30 a.m. Raccoons in the chimney – After breeding the two raccoons went down the chimney. Many homeowners do not have chimney caps to prevent raccoons or other animals from using the chimney as a den location. Raccoons will often times prepare more than one den location site for giving birth. We have had homeowners tell us they have seen the female raccoon come out of their chimney go across the roof and climb down the side of the house, up the the down spout of the neighbors house, and down their chimney. All while carrying a one of her baby raccoons in her mouth. If the female raccoon feels threatened or that her young may in danger she will move them. Many times the male raccoon will return and try to kill the young. The female will fight to her death to defend her young. We have found dead male raccoons in attics killed by the female raccoon defending her young.

How do you know you have a raccoon in your attic?

Signs of raccoon entry and how to get them outRaccoons make different sounds when moving around, breeding, and giving birth. Different types of chattering noises can be heard from baby raccoons. Knowing for sure what kind of animal you have in the attic may sometimes only be determined by a thorough inspection by a professional. Basic signs of raccoons like: muddy foot prints on siding, down spouts, outside corners, soffits ripped out, roof vents destroyed, or even large holes in the roof are common. It is obvious when you actually see the raccoon.  Other times it can be very difficult locating the main entrance point, especially if the raccoons just got in and have not used the entry point enough to leave much of a sign.

When our team of wildlife removal professionals arrive at a “crime scene” our # 1 priority is to get the raccoon out of the house as quickly as possible to minimize animal damage to the home.

Many times locating the raccoon and removing it on the initial visit is not possible. Raccoons can hide down wall cavities, in soffits, and other places in a attic that can’t be accessed without doing significant damage to a home’s structure to locate and remove. When this occurs the best method to remove the problem raccoon from the attic is to setup traps and to remove it.

There are several ways to professionally trap raccoons in the attic.

pest-and-raccoon-removal-from-attic-michigan-cityBaited traps in the attic, outside the house, and barricaded traps at the entrance points. Depending on what time of year it is can really determine the best method of raccoon removal.

When baby raccoons are present it’s best not to enter the attic. A female raccoon may become very aggressive and may consider it a threat. Other times you may spook the raccoon with different scents on trap may actually cause the female to move her young to another location that is much harder to achieve access to. An open baited trap on the ground or roof may yield a raccoon or two, but it may not necessarily be the raccoon in your attic. By placing lure or baited traps outside the home, the possibility of luring in other animals in the neighborhood to your home is very likely. The best and sometimes the most difficult way to trap and remove a raccoon in the attic is to locate the main and any secondary points of entry, and barricade or nose cone a special trap right into the entry holes. This method eliminates all possibility of luring in “non-target” animals, and ensures the first time the raccoon goes for food and water it will be captured.

Once the raccoons have been trapped and removed from the attic it is very important to properly repair and secure the entrance point to prevent a re-occurrence of raccoons getting back in. Another key factor in prevention that is often overlooked is the removal of contaminated attic insulation and raccoon feces in the attic.

This is very important for two reasons:

  1. Health concerns. Raccoon feces can have roundworms and the spores can become airborne entering open or ripped HVAC ducts circulating through the entire home. Even just the mold spores or urine saturated insulation can become a problem for homeowners.
  2. Like a dog and a fire hydrant, other neighborhood raccoons can smell through soffit vents or roof vents the scent of other raccoons. This many times can encourage passing by raccoons to explore or rip open another entrance on the home.

There are many concerns to consider when a raccoon has entered into a home. Always contact a wildlife removal professional when you think you have raccoons in your attic.

Mishawaka Bat Removal Service

mishawaka bat removal service

Mishawaka Bat Removal Service

Winter time bat movement is becoming more and more of a problem for Mishawaka homeowners. For years most people have heard “bats fly south to the caves for the winter.” Although this is true, the fact is that not ALL bats fly south to the caves for the winter.

®American Animal Control, LLC wildlife removal and bat exclusion specialists have removed thousands of bats from homes over the years. We remove all bats: from bats in the attic, bats flying in the house, bats in the basement, and large bat colonies in commercial buildings, schools, and churches.

Most bats will enter a home up on the roof line in some sort of construction gap or opening. Bats don’t need a gap bigger than the size of your thumb nail to enter, and they will come and go many times for years unnoticed. Years ago many homes did not have much insulation in the attics and winter time temperatures would not allow bats to stay in the attics without freezing. Some attic bats that “winter over” will get down under the insulation or even in the wall cavities to maintain a critical body temperature to stay alive.

click-to-call-animal-control for Mishawaka Bat RemovalWinter has its warmer days and cooler days, so bats will sometimes move around a little. Bats will travel up and down walls and even end up in a basement or a utility room of a home. Many homeowners will find slightly disorientated bats lying on the floor, clinging to a chimney or curtain, and even may find a bat in the bathtub.

Although bats will not normally leave the attic and go outside in extremely cold weather, bats can be found outside in the winter months. Our Mishawaka bat removal professionals have even found large bat colonies in un-insulated barns alive and well in the dead of winter. Many “bat experts” will say that this just doesn’t happen, but the bat removal professionals at ®American Animal Control, LLC work daily year around solving property owner’s bat problems.

Bats in the attic that go unnoticed for long periods of time can also present some health concerns with the amount of guano in the attic and on the attic insulation. Our attic restoration and clean-out service is for those people.

If you have ever found a bat in your house, you may have a bat problem. Very rarely do we get calls from homeowners that find a bat in the house, is it just one. Bats typically give birth to only one bat per year. But bats build colonies in attics of home quite frequently. Our licensed bat specialists will inspect your home from top to bottom inside and out for signs of bats, bat entry points, and bat guano, or bat damage to insulation. Give our team of bat removal specialists a call for a complete and thorough bat infestation inspection. Call 877-264-3638.Mishawaka Bat Removal Service

Are all Indianapolis Animal Control Companies Equal?

Of course not!

Not all Indianapolis animal control companies are created equal.

®American Animal Control, LLC is different from other companies.  We are the most recommended wildlife removal company in the state. We have a proven track record with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

AAC is a full service animal control solution in Indy. Our technicians have the experience to remove the most difficult nuisance animal problems, and make them disappear.  From the initial consultation with us, you will find our animal control knowledge to be reassuring. We discuss the best way to get rid of nuisance animals.  Not every animal control company has the same process.  Ours is simple, and refined over the years to be done as effectively as possible.

Not all Indianapolis wildlife removal companies will go into the level of detail we do when we provide an estimate.  We have a high level of detail. We will discuss your needs after a thorough inspection.  Our techs not only to an outside visual inspection of all animal entry points, but go into the attic, basement and/or crawlspace to be sure of the job at hand.

Once we have located all primary and secondary animal entrance points, they are barricaded.  The primary entrance point usually gets a trap or one-way valve for the animal, so it has a way out.  We will make sure over the course of a couple days that all animals have been removed, and then repair the damage cause by the animal.

Some Indianapolis animal control companies stop there…

click-to-call-animal-controlOnce, the offending critter is removed, the job isn’t over.  ®American Animal Control, LLC goes above and beyond with clean-up and restoration service.  Our attic clean-outs are second to none, and are often times covered under homeowner’s insurance.  The feces and urine left behind in attics and crawl spaces can lead to disease and/or mold problems.  Call us today if you are hearing noises in your attic or crawl space.  If you can catch animals early enough, more costly clean-out services are often not required.

That’s the difference between us and other Indianapolis animal control companies.

We will never push for an extra service simply to make a buck.  If we recommend a service, it’s because you genuinely would benefit from it.

Our Indianapolis Animal Control Services Include:

indianapolis-animal-control-companiesWe offer all types of wildlife removal.  The most common nuisance animals in Indianapolis are Bats, Raccoons, & Squirrels.  ®American Animal Control, LLC does mouse and rat removal. We do mole and vole removal, opossum and skunk removal, dead animal removal, and many other types of animal control.  The only thing we don’t do is domestic cats and dogs! There are Indianapolis city services that will come out and take care of domestic animals.

Aside from animal removal, in Indianapolis, we provide animal exclusion service.  We seal up homes and businesses to keep out raccoons, bats, & squirrels.  We install custom shed and deck barriers to keep animals from tunneling under your buildings.

No job is too big, or too small, so give us a call now! 877.264.3638

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How to get animals out of the attic

south bend raccoon removal serviceRemoval of raccoons in the Attic by the #1 South Bend Pest Control Company Call ®American Animal Control, LLC 877-264-3638.

If you live in or near South Bend, Indiana and you are hearing noises in your attic, you too may have a raccoon living up there. Many South Bend homeowners this time of year will begin to hear noises in the attic. Some of our customers will tell us they first thought maybe it was just mice. Then as the noises begin to get louder and more frequent it’s time to get a wildlife removal specialist out to find out what kind of animal problem is in the attic.


How to get a animal out of the attic: South Bend Raccoon Removal Service.

®American Animal Control, LLC provides professional wildlife removal services. Raccoons in the attic are very common in the South Bend area and is an animal problem that should be taken very seriously. Raccoons will absolutely destroy the attic of a home. Tearing up insulation, ripping open HVAC ducts, chewing wires, and leaving feces all over.

Our South Bend raccoon removal specialists locate the main entrance point and any secondary entries. Then they assess the animal damage to the attic, and trap and remove the raccoons living there. Once we are certain all the raccoons are trapped and removed from your attic, we can also provide you with complete attic cleaning and animal damage repair services.

Raccoon damage and animal repair

Many South Bend homeowners that have raccoons in the attic have no clue just how bad a raccoon can damage their home. Begining at the entrance point, a raccoon can tear right through the shingles on your roof causing roof leaks and interior damage to your home. We have seen raccoons rip open roofs, soffits, roof vents, and louvre vents. There isn’t much that can stop a raccoon from getting into a home that is not properly secured against animal entry. Animal damage repair is our specialty. Repairing roofs, soffits, vents, chimneys, and foundations.

If you live in or near South Bend and you think you may have a raccoon in the attic, give the wildlife removal specialists at ®American Animal Control, LLC. Providing fast and professional raccoon removal and animal damage repair services, we truly can solve your raccoon problem. You don’t have to live with raccoons in your attic. Call 877-264-3638.

Valparaiso Pest Control Service

Squirrels in the Attic? Valparaiso Pest Removal Service. Call 877-264-3638

Many Valparaiso homeowners are hearing noises in the attic. ©American Animal Control, LLC has removed hundreds of squirrels from attics in the Valparaiso area. Most of our calls from homeowners come in when they begin to hear noises in the attic.  Some clients first dismiss the scratching noises in the attic as maybe mice. As these animal noises persist and become louder these homeowners become concerned. Squirrels in the attic can lead to animal damage to wiring, duct work, and even insulation. Occasionally squirrels in the attic will even work themselves down the walls and into the living area of the home.

Valparaiso Pest Control Service – Squirrel Removal.

valparaiso pest control removal-squirrels in the atticWhen solving animal problems like removal of squirrels in the attic, the priority is to locate the main entrance point. Other Valparaiso Pest Control or Animal Removal Companies that don’t specialize in nuisance wildlife removal will most of the time just set open baited traps. This method of squirrel removal will not stop the animals from entering into the home. Our ®American Animal Control, LLC highly trained and licensed animal removal specialist of Valparaiso always focus on finding the main entrance point and any secondary entry points where the animals or squirrels are coming and going for food and water. We then will set up a special custom repeating squirrel trap right over the entrance points. This stops any squirrels that are out from getting back in, and allows any squirrels that are in the attic or walls to go out out. The first time the squirrels go for food or water they will be captured in the trap. Generally we will take the first one away, then reset. When our Valparaiso area customers go a few days and nights without hearing noises in the attic or scratching in the walls, and we go a few days without a catch, and we are sure all the animals are out of the attic, we then can discuss the options of repairing the animal entrance points so you don’t have a re-occurance after we leave the job.

®American Animal Control, LLC is Valparaiso’s most recommended animal control and animal removal service. If you are hearing noises in your attic, and you think you may have some sort of animal problem give us a call at 877-264-3638 for fast professional Valparaiso Pest Control service.

Fort Wayne Pest Control

Animal Removal Service for Fort Wayne and surrounding areas. Call 877-264-3638.

Squirrels in the attic - squirrel removal serviceAre you hearing noises in your attic? You’re not alone. Many Fort Wayne home owners are having problems with squirrels in their homes. With colder temperatures now here squirrels will abandoned their outdoor “tree nests”. When the winter winds and cold set in, the squirrels would much rather live in an attic, wall, or crawlspace of a home than a tree. ®American Animal Control, LLC of Fort Wayne is a full service pest control removal and exclusion service.

Squirrels in the attic of Fort Wayne area homes can be Red Squirrels or sometimes known as “piney squirrels”. Grey Squirrels, Fox Squirrels, and lately we are trapping and removing more and more Flying Squirrels. Flying Squirrels are most active at night. Primarily nocturnal, flying squirrels can be heard in the attics scratching, jumping from rafter to rafter, and running or rolling nuts all night long. Red squirrels, fox squirrels, and grey squirrels can be heard all day long coming and going for food and water. Most squirrels will store nuts in attics for later consumption. Trails in the attic insulation and droppings can vary from squirrel to squirrel. Attic Cleaning and Restoration Service

Location of Animal Entry Points is the Key.

®American Animal Control, LLC pest control service technicians of Fort Wayne are animal removal specialists. Like a crime scene investigation, the number one concern in solving your animal problem is locating the primary and any secondary entrance points. These are the areas where the animals are coming and going on the home for food and water. Unlike many other Fort Wayne area pest control companies. The wildlife removal specialists at ®American Animal Control, LLC want to solve your animal problem not just treat it. Once the entry points have been located, custom humane animal traps are barricaded right into these entry points. Many other companies will set open baited traps on the roof or ground. This method can lure in other non-target animals in the neighborhood to your home or property. Animal specific trapping at the entry points eliminates all non target animals and achieves the most effective animal removal process in a timely fashion.

Once all animals or squirrels have been trapped and removed from the home, our professional animal removal specialists can repair all animal damage to the home. Repairing holes in roofs from animals. Replacing damaged soffits or fascia. And securing damaged roof and foundation vents is a big part of preventing animals from re-entering your home. Animal Exclusion & Prevention Service

Attic Insulation Removal and replacement. Many Fort Wayne area homeowners will need to have the their attic insulation removed from animal damage. If animals are in your attic and go without being noticed for a long period of time, attic insulation can be damaged. Animal feces, and urine saturated insulation can begin to mold, and may have some serious health concerns. ®American Animal Control, LLC provides complete Attic Cleaning and Restoration Service for Fort Wayne area residents.

If you are hearing scratching in your attic, noises in your ceiling or walls, and you think you may have a animal living in your home, give the most referred animal removal experts of Fort Wayne a call. We truly care about solving your animal problem. Serving all of Fort Wayne area for many years, our Indiana State licensed animal removal professionals have trapped and removed hundreds of squirrels in attics and walls, raccoons in attics and chimneys, bats in the attics, groundhogs under decks, sheds, and foundations. Roaming skunks, birds in vents, and opossums in crawlspaces. Dead animal and dead deer removal. We also provide beaver removal services for Allen County, and remove all types of animals that are causing animal damage to the levys of the city of Fort Wayne. If you are concerned about animals causing damage to your home, give us a call for fast dependable humane animal removal and exclusion service. 877-264-3638.

Removal of Raccoons in the Attic Indianapolis

Removal of Raccoons in the Attic Indianapolis

®American Animal Control, LLC of Indianapolis provides professional raccoon removal services for all of Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

Removal of Raccoons in the Attic IndianapolisAs raccoons begin to enter attics for the winter most Indianapolis homeowners are not aware of what kind of damage these masked bandits can do to the attic of a home. Providing removal of raccoons in attics for almost 20 years our raccoon removal specialists have seen hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to homes. Most raccoons will climb gutter down spouts, outside corners, overhanging tree limbs, and even climb bricks holding on with just their unbelievable strong claws and fingers. Once on top of the roof raccoons will rip open roof vents, gable end vents, or even just dig a whole right through the roof shingles and roof decking. Once our raccoon removal specialist received a call from a homeowner that had just moved into a brand new home. She said as she was backing out of her driveway she looked up at her roof and saw a hole the size of a basketball where the female raccoon dug through her roof and entered into the attic. With great strength and determination if a raccoon wants into your attic there is very little you can do to stop it, other than be pro active if you see a raccoon hanging around call the raccoon removal professionals at ®American Animal Control, LLC to trap and remove the raccoon from your property before it gets into your attic.

Once a raccoon has entered into the attic of a home it is very important to get it trapped and removed before any damage is done. Raccoons will destroy HVAC ducts, tear up attic insulation, and urinate and leave feces all over the attic.
Many Indianapolis homeowners will hear slight noises in the attic and think its just mice.

The longer the raccoons are in the attic the worse the damage becomes. Raccoons will begin to create “litter boxes” in the attic. We have actually seen on several occasions that the raccoon “latrine” has saturated the drywall in the attic and the whole entire litter box has fallen through the ceiling into the bedrooms of the home.

Trapping and removing raccoons in the attic is best done at the entrance point. Many homeowners will try trapping the raccoons themselves by setting open baited cages outside on the ground. This does not ensure that even if you catch a raccoon that it is one the one living in your attic. Most neighborhoods in the Indianapolis area have many raccoons and setting open baited cages may lure in other neighborhood raccoons. The other concern is most traps on the market for residential use are not heavily built and many times raccoons will bust out of the trap and become trap shy. ®American Animal Control, LLC provides Indianapolis homeowners with the most advanced raccoon traps and trapping techniques on the market. Our custom built raccoon traps are second to none in the industry. Locating the main entry point is the only way to stop raccoons getting into the attic. Our raccoon specialists trap hundreds of raccoons in attics every year. In most cases no raccoon bait or lure is needed with our trapping techniques. Barricading a trap right on the entry point ensures NO “non-target” raccoons will be trapped. Meaning the only raccoon we are trapping is the raccoon or raccoons in the attic. No other neighborhood raccoons will be trapped. The way this trapping method works is if the raccoons are out of the attic at the time the trap is set they can’t get back in. If the raccoon is in the attic at the time we set the trap up, there is no way out but into the trap. Generally we will take the first one away then reset the trap just to be sure there is no other raccoons in the attic.

We are a full service raccoon removal company. ®American Animal Control, LLC raccoon removal specialist are also skilled carpenters.

We can repair all damage to the roof, soffit, or vents from the raccoons.

Any attic insulation that is damaged and needs removed, we can remove and replace. We work close with your insurance company if the raccoon damage is bad enough that it requires a claim to made with your insurance company. If you live in the Indianapolis area and think you may have a raccoon in your attic give us a call we can help you trap and remove the raccoons from your attic and provide you with raccoon damage repair and exclusion services.
Call 877-264-3638 for fast dependable service.

Fort Wayne Animal Removal Service

Fort Wayne Animal Removal Service provided by ®American Animal Control, LLC.

Hearing animal noises in your attic? Your not alone. Many Fort Wayne area home owners are beginning to hear scratching noises in the attic. As cooler temperatures begin to set in animals will abandoned their summer den or nest locations. Squirrels, Raccoon, and Mice will commonly enter Fort Wayne area homes and live in the attic. Squirrels will find little openings in soffits, vents, and sometimes will find a weak spot behind gutters and dig or chew a hole in the fascia. Many Fort Wayne homeowners will hear scratching noises in the attic or walls.

Fort Wayne Squirrel Removal Service

Fort Wayne Animal Removal ServiceWe have even had customers say they heard nuts rolling through the attic or down the wall cavities. Squirrels will move in and out of the attics most of the day during daylight hours. On warmer or sunny days squirrels maybe out feeding or gathering food or nuts. Many times they will be heard going in and out all day long as they are storing nuts in the attic. When winter sets in and temperatures remain very cold many squirrels will totally abandoned the use of their nest in the trees until spring. Most squirrels can have two litters per year. Many times at least one of the litters will be born in the attic of the home. Averaging 3-5 per litter our Fort Wayne customers will hear lots of running throughout the attic and sometimes even down the walls. Quite often squirrels that are living in the attic will be found running inside the home. Squirrels can easily get up and down wall cavities and HVAC duct chases. Many times this will allow the squirrels access through the walls or chases into the basement of the home. Once inside the living areas of the home squirrels can cause lots of damage. We have seen many homes that curtains or blinds have been pulled down, window and door casings chewed up, and antiques or fragile items knocked off of shelves and broken. Don’t ignore the animal noises in your attic. Squirrels are well known for chewing wires and causing house fires. Animals like squirrels, raccoon, and even mice in attics can also carry mites, flees, and there are many health concerns from animal feces in the attic.

If you live in the Fort Wayne area and you think you might have animals in your attic. Fort Wayne Animal Removal Service professionals at ®American Animal Control, LLC at 877-264-3638.


The Best Indianapolis Animal Removal Professionals

indianapolis animal removal professionalsA lot of times, Indianapolis customers don’t know who to look for when in comes to animal removal professionals in and around their city.

American Animal Control, LLC animal removal technicians are some of the best Indianapolis Animal Removal Professionals around.

Take a look at just a few past Indianapolis Animal Removal jobs done by AAC technicians:

Pest Control Fort Wayne

Fort Wayne Pest Control – Animal Removal Service. Call 877-264-3638.

pest control fort wayne®American Animal Control, LLC of Fort Wayne is unlike most pest control services. Our licensed professional pest removal service technicians are Animal removal specialists. NO DOGS OR CATS but humane removal and exclusion of nuisance wild animals is what we do. Our Fort Wayne area pest control and animal removal service will locate wild animal entrance points, trap and remove the animal, and offer our Fort Wayne customers with animal entry and animal exclusion repairs and solutions. In the last 10-14 days we have been receiving a large number of calls from Fort Wayne area homeowners with bats in the house, bats in the attic, and bats in the walls. With extreme attic temperatures bats in the attic begin to push down the walls and into the living areas of the home. Our service technician will remove any visual bats in the house and locate the main bat entry points. NEVER just close down the entry points where bats are coming and going into the home. We recently had a customer that decided he would try to get the bats out of the house by closing the bat entrance points. This went bad really quick! All the bats in the house back loaded into the living room and he had 30 bats swarm him while he was watching TV.


Our Fort Wayne area customers will soon be hearing noises in the attic. As temperatures begin to drop in the fall, raccoons will get in the attics. Raccoon will open up soffits, rip holes in the roof, and even get down chimneys. Fort Wayne area squirrels will also get into attics and crawlspaces as the colder weather begins to set in. Entering through roof vents, foundation vents, and ripping and chewing holes behind gutters into the fascia and soffit areas.


Many Fort Wayne area homeowners will also begin to hear scratching in the ceilings of the bedrooms at night. Mice will also start to move into Fort Wayne area homes as the temperatures drop. Our licensed and insured animal removal service can provide you with a mouse entry exclusion and prevention program.

If you live in the Fort Wayne area and are concerned about critters getting into your home, call ®American Animal Control, LLC to inspect your home for all possible animal or pest entry points. Call now! 877-264-3638.


Have Raccoons in the Attic?

Raccoons in the Attic? Call 877-264-3638. Fast and Dependable removal of raccoons in the attic.

®American Animal Control, LLC is Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio’s premier raccoon removal and wildlife removal service. If you have raccoons in your attic, raccoons in your soffit, or raccoons in your crawlspace. We are licensed and insured raccoon removal specialists.


raccoons in the atticAs professional and humane raccoon trappers we have removed thousands of raccoons in attics over the years. Raccoons can totally destroy attic insulation, HVAC ducts, wiring, attic fan vents, and leave a bad mess of raccoon droppings everywhere in an attic. Our wildlife removal professionals will perform a top to bottom inside and thorough raccoon entrance inspection. Trap and remove all problem raccoons, and repair all raccoon damage to your home.

Attic InspectionsMany homeowners with raccoons in there attic do not realize how much damage a raccoon in the attic can do to their home. Starting with the entrance point. If you have a raccoon in your attic there has to be an entrance point. Raccoons will enter many times up on the roof before making their nest in the attic. Climbing up down spouts, over hanging limbs, and even outside corners of your home. Once up on the roof raccoons will rip a hole in a roof vent, a attic fan, or under the soffit at a eave. Raccoons do have fleas, and their feces can contain raccoon round worm. We do provide attic cleaning services for those customers that need the contaminated waste removed from the attic.

Attic Restoration  – After all the raccoons have been removed from the attic we also can repair all the raccoon entrance points. Many times we will need to repair the soffit, the siding, and sometimes holes in the roof. We removed a female raccoon in the attic that had in one night tore a hole in the shingles, right through the roof decking  of a brand new house and gave birth to her young. Raccoons are strong and sometimes can be aggressive. If you are hearing noises in your attic? Give us a call right away to determine if its raccoons in the attic.


®American Animal Control, LLC also removes raccoons in the chimney of many homes each year. Many homes that do not have chimney caps, or missing/damaged chimney caps or covers, are easy den sites for raccoons. In the spring time female raccoons will use these chimneys for “safe areas” to give birth. Each year our raccoon removal specialists remove hundreds of baby raccoons in the chimneys and fireplaces.

Whether you have raccoons in the attic, or raccoons in your chimney, or even raccoons getting in under a deck and into your crawlspace, give the raccoon removal professionals a call at ®American Animal Control, LLC. We provide fast dependable raccoon removal services for Indiana, Southern Michigan, and Western Ohio. Call 877-264-3638 before you too have a bad raccoon problem.

Squirrel Removal Indianapolis

Do you have squirrels in your attic? Indianapolis Squirrel Removal Service-Call 877-264-3638.

Most Indianapolis Pest Control Companies DO NOT remove squirrels in the attic, squirrels in the walls, or squirrels in your house. Indianapolis Pest Exterminating Services mostly use poisons for insects and mice. ®American Animal Control, LLC of Indianapolis is licensed and highly trained in squirrel trapping, squirrel control, and squirrel removal.

How to get squirrels out of the house?

Squirrel removal indianapolis animal controlMany Indianapolis homeowners DO NOT understand how serious it can be to have squirrels in the attic. Some house fires have even been investigated and the cause turn out to be chewed wires from squirrels in the attic. Squirrels are “wire chewers”. Squirrels can enter your home down low in the crawlspace and up high on the roof line. Squirrels begin to start moving into homes as temperatures begin to cool down. Foundation vents are common entry points for squirrels. Most screens in these vents are no match for a strong Red Squirrels. Once in they can move freely up walls, through floors and into the attic. Many Indianapolis homeowners will hear scratching noises in the walls, floors, or ceiling, as squirrels move in and through the home. Squirrels in the attic, most of the time enter up high on the roof. Under eaves, soffits, and fascia areas are “hot spots” for squirrels entering into the attic. Red Squirrels, Fox Squirrels, Gray Squirrels, and even Flying Squirrels are removed from Indianapolis area homes throughout the year. There are certain “seasons” when squirrel activity is greater than others.


If you live in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas you are very aware of how many squirrels are running most neighborhoods. ®American Animal Control, LLC will locate the main and secondary squirrel entrance points, barricade traps over the entry points, trap and remove the animals with special custom squirrel traps that require no bait. Our sole purpose is to solve your squirrel problem. We do not want to trap every squirrel in the neighborhood, just the problem squirrels in the house. Most Indianapolis animal control or pest control companies DO NOT target the problem squirrels. They may set open baited cage traps outside on the ground or on the roof. This does not solve your squirrel problem. You may still have squirrels in your attic even know the Indianapolis animal or pest control company trapped 5 squirrels. ®American Animal Control, LLC of Indianapolis goal is to solve your squirrel problem in the shortest amount time, and make sure you don’t have another squirrel problem. By barricading the custom repeating trap at the squirrel entry point we can be sure that we are dealing with just the target animals in your home. If they are out, they can’t get back in. And if they are in at the time we barricade the custom squirrel trap into the squirrel entrance point, there is only one way out, and that is into the trap. After the squirrels are out, we can also repair and secure the squirrel entrance areas so you don’t have a squirrel problems again. Give us a call at 877-264-3638. We fast and professional squirrel removal for all of Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Licensed and insured, our goal is to not just trap your squirrels, but solve your squirrel problem.


How to get bats out

The most effective and safest way to get bats out of your home:

  1. how to get bats outCall 877-264-3638.  American Animal Control Techs are on call 24 hours for emergency bat removal. We realize there are several choices for bat removal, but we’re also convinced that after you call them, and even hire them, you’ll still have to call us.  Do the right thing, and call us first!
  2. AAC techs will inspect the roof line, eves, and attic for bat entrance points. The first real step to get bats out is to find out how they got in!
  3. Barricade off all sub-entrance points, and install a 1-way door on the primary entrance.  When bats have only one way to get out, and no ways to get in, you’re sure to get the bats out of your home!
  4. If there is a major bat infestation… There is likely guano contamination which is a health risk.  We offer attic clean-outs and remediation of contaminated attic insulation.  Get bats out, and get their guano out.

Bats really are beneficial to the ecosystem. Some bats eat mosquitoes, and just today it was reported that West Nile Virus has been found in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Now is not the time to reduce bat populations, but it would be great to have them outside where they can do their job, and eat as many bugs as possible!

If you still don’t know how to get bats out of your home, or have other questions on the process of getting bats out, give us a call at 877-264-3638.  You’ll be glad you did!

We are licensed to carry out any type of nuisance wildlife removal in all cities and counties in Indiana.

Big bat problems in Northwest Indiana

Serious bat problem in Laporte Indiana

If there are piles of guano under the eves, you probably have a serious bat problem!

A client called about big bat problems and said he lost count of the bats coming out of the soffit area. He knew he had bats but never thought about it until he was getting ready to sell the house.

The inspectors for the potential home buyer will generally “red flag” any animal and bat problems which must be addressed before closing.

There are also many bats in the attic and bat guano in the attic that should be removed for health reasons. Very obvious by all of the brown bat guano and urine stains on the soffit that there are hundreds of bats now living in this home.

Bat Removal Procedure

This job will require 4 check valves and additional sealing and closeup of soffit, fascia, and misc. construction openings. Check valves, or one way doors, will allow bats to go out but not re-enter the home. They will be left on the home for 2-3 weeks, then we will spread out white plastic in attic for about a week to monitor for fresh droppings and bat activity.

Once all is clear and no bat activity can be spotted, the one way doors will be removed and soffits will be finished with a final seal.

Bat Guano Removal

Once the bats are removed from the attic and can’t get back in, the guano will be removed.  This is an ongoing job and we will be sure to keep you up-to-date on how the process is going.

Don’t wait for large piles of guano and hundreds of bats!  Call American Animal Control, LLC at the first sign of bats in your attic. 877.264.3638

Get bats out of the house and keep them out!

Get bats out of the house and keep them out! Valparaiso Bat Removal – Call 877-264-368.

get bats out and keep them outMost pest control companies in Valparaiso, Crown point, Gary, and Merrillville areas DO NOT handle bats. ®American Animal Control, LLC removes bats in your house and bats in the attic. We receive calls from customers in the Valparaiso and surrounding areas almost daily this time of year. Sometimes the homeowner may have a bat hanging in the house. We can remove that bat and locate how that bat came into the home. This is always the most important concern in solving bat problems or bet infestations.

Many customers will hear bats scratching in the walls, or bats scratching in the attic. As attic temperatures rise bats in the attic get over heated and begin to move down the walls. This can sometimes create a bat problem if the bat can’t find its way back up into the attic at feeding time. Most Valparaiso, Crown point, Gary, and Merrillville homeowners have bat problems at night. This is because most bats feed at night and most bat movement happens after dusk. Trying to get out to feed, a bat stuck in the wall tries desperately to get out and sometimes finds a small opening in or around a vent, furnace pipe, or many times will end up down in the basement of your home. Traveling down through the walls and entering the basement, bats will come out by the bottom sill plate and take flight.

We receive many calls from Valparaiso, Crown Point, Gary and Merrillville homeowners that say they have bats getting in the basement. After a discussion with the homeowners explaining how bats in the attic can travel through the walls and e d up in the basement, most homeowners are very surprised. ®American Animal Control, LLC are bat removal specialists. We will locate how the bat entered into the house,find the bat entry points, provide a evaluation of the size of the bat colony living in the attic, and exclude them from your home.

Most pest control companies in Valparaiso, Crown Point, Gary, or even Merrillville DO NOT provide professional bat removal services and CANNOT solve your bat problems.

Always call a bat removal specialist to get the bats out of your house and solve your bat problems once and for all. We DO NOT kill bats what some say exterminate bats. It is illegal to “exterminate” or kill bats in most states. Bat exterminators in the “old days” use to poison bats. This is NOT the proper way to remove bats in the attic. Our proven and professional humane bat removal process will ensure the bats are out and stay out. Call 877-264-3638 or contact us through our website at